Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I want to talk about a title that wedged itself a little niche in my heart for a number of reasons. Now before we get started wanted to apologize for the sporadic activity on as of late. I’ve been going through a lot of stuff and also been conducting research during that time. So going to work on at least submitting at least one piece per week but for that I might need some feedback. So if you think of something you might want me to check out go ahead and leave it in the comments in any of my posts. Depending on my backlog and any projects I might have planned will determine how fast I get to it but never know til you let me know! Now onto the story!

In the grand battle throughout space for survival The Galactic Alliance of Humankind fights a terrifying enemy known as the Hideauze. A type of space squid that is a threat to humankind. This has been drilled into the mind of every human of the Galactic Alliance including one ensign and battle suit pillow Ledo. Who was taught that his entire life was to be spent defending mankind from the Hideauze fighting them in a war that seems rather endless… Not that he ever thought about what really would occur after ‘end.’ In the throes of battle Ledo gets separated from the other forces and to preserve his life Chamber puts him into a hibernation to keep him alive…Hm? Who is Chamber?

Well his battle suit of course! He is a model K6821 Chamber and this hunk of metal has a mind of his own. His ultimate function is to make sure his pilot excels which is not limited to battle and life support he also translates languages for Ledo, allows Ledo to bounce ideas off of him for decisions, hacking, and other things even neither he or his pilot ever thought of before. Which takes us to six months along when the good scrappers of Gargantia brought up what they thought was their next payday but for a good amount of time couldn’t figure out just how to take it apart to make use of the metal. Although no one expected that they salvaged a man along with the ‘wreckage’.  After a great deal of confusion and translations by Chamber and term negotiations between Ledo and a local girl named Amy that he kidnapped for a short while so Chamber could decipher her language and to prevent getting attacked. In fact while Ledo ran from a bunch of angry scrappers Chambers translated a phrase for Ledo  was literally “Sanctified excrement” now I’ll admit I was simply lucky I was not drinking anything because soda would have been spurting from my nose without fail.

Throughout the series Ledo learns from the people of Gargantia about life without constant battles and that there are in fact reasons to want to live. Of course Ledo takes a while to get used to life on Gargantia until he discovers a more primitive version of his mortal enemy beneath Gargantia. However things don’t get easier from there when different groups get involved and of course ask for Ledo and Chamber’s help. Also dealing with the origins of the creatures he faced all while learning what it is to be human…. Now at this point…. There is one thing I simply must say…Ledo really does learn how to be a real boy. Now right quick let’s talk about the art and I want to say the way they design the various characters and manage such a broad spectrum on a collection of big decks is really interesting  from the cross dressing men chasing Ledo to the ‘innocent’ booty shake of Amy and her friends during the festival they were really neat and full of life which made for a great contrast between the other parties involved such as the pirates and also the religious sect that asks Ledo for his assistance on behalf of their leader.

All in all I love this anime however I must warn that towards the end it does tear the shit out of your heart…. While watching Ledo grow and turn into this sweet loving boy laughing, falling in love, and learning a new reason to live aside from killing. Now this anime makes you feel for an automaton, giggle at the awkwardness of a boy then watch him turn into something near unrecognizable all for the sake of his fallen comrades and the people he met aboard Gargantia. With that I watched the craziest loop of character development possible with battle ready, confused, awkward, happy, and awkward again, feral and even near losing it before coming full circle at battle ready. This series gives me a little hope for humanity…after it’s nearly wiped out first.

Aside from some odd beliefs regarding sea creatures most of the way everything was run was based off of scientific findings and the like. Now I post this today for a very special reason… In a world where it feels like hope is lost there are those beside you among the cruel faces there are kind hands to guide your way. Keep heart my dears care for each other so we won’t have to see our civilization nearly destroyed before making that tremendous change for the better. Now to put this to bed before it comes up, ask not and assume who I voted for because it is irrelevant after the fact (although it’s obvious who I didn’t vote for). That aside its Veteran’s day and it’s a day where people thank people that have served in the military or are currently serving. Thank those who have fallen and honor those still standing by showing our work is not for well naught by supporting those who are hurt and scared. Show love, understanding, dig deeper than what the news shows you, and stand up for those without defense. Humanity does not need a miracle humanity needs everyday kindness. Now finishing off this review with an honest and heartfelt Hatter Approved… Good day my darlings. Hatter out.

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