World Of Final Fantasy (PS4)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and before we get on with World of Final Fantasy I want to tell you a little story… My husband heard about this game coming out and so he wanted to see how much I would like it prior since after seeing a couple commercials I seemed slightly disturbed because all of the characters were chibified (like a weird, 3-D, and more rounded version of what they have for theatrhythm) anyways so he started playing the demo and out of curiosity started watching after that I went from disturbed to mystified via adorable diabetic vomit. Also obviously no offense meant to people with actual diabetes. Moving on!

Starting off you look at various shots of the twins Reyne and Lann on top of a building highly reminiscent of a building for the Nobodies from KH then watching them fall off of it. Eventually Lann runs off to work at a coffee shop then nearly jumps out of his skin when a mysterious woman throws enough sugar in her coffee to supply a small candy factory for a week. After that his twin sister Reynne runs in and tells him aside from the woman sitting there that no one else was there…and that there was something cute sitting on his head. After a mini freak out the woman and the creature tell them that they were mirage keepers of great power but somehow they lost it along with their memories and the only way to find any clues is to gather mirages and travel a world referred to as Grymoire where everyone there is TINY! Of course that and that the game has a bunch of characters from throughout the franchise although honestly with the way everything runs…

We see various characters from previous FF games but the ones we are really curious about are Reyne and Lann. Now Lann is one of those sweet and strong dummy types. The always underappreciated sort of hero although not grand in wit always grand at heart in a way like Sailor Moon (I’ve been on a Sailor Moon binge with the original). All this is driven home with how Reyne and Tama treat him, Reyne is your typical strong female character but she steps on Lann a lot and makes him feel stupid. Now don’t get me wrong she’s smart in her own right but I’m pretty sure if she stopped ragging on Lann she would lose about 80% of her personality and/or things to talk about. You also have Tama and Seraphie the stable cute characters responsible for helping our heroes.

Overall it honestly looks and feels more Kingdom hearts to me with the modeling of the Jiant characters and the menu style used during combat it’s a bit of a mishmash especially when you take into account the possibility of using shortcut combinations and changing the style for the battle rhythm (active, wait, etc..) All of which are important along with the fact that you can fast forward nearly everything in the game by hitting R1 even the battle sequence. Now let’s talk about the battle system.

Your teams are composed of Reyne and Lann accompanied by two mirages each which you obtain in battle with prisms you get each time you observe a new mirage and also from mirage boards which also allows for mirages to change into different forms. However the pain in the ass about that is that you can only change it when you have a connection to your Mirage case directly, save point, gate, and with a device called a seraphone which is 1000 a pop. So make it count! Honestly I don’t really care to use it I’ll just leave the dungeon with the escape item that the game automatically gives you which does not go away after being used. Although the most important thing of all for this game is the stacking system. You can either maximize the smack down by staying stacked or have a small army of 6 characters at your disposal. However, I’ll be legit right quick I usually stay stacked unless I want to capture a mirage without trying to kill it. So at that point I’m reliving everyone’s childhood while playing Pokémon freaking out because they wanted some rare mirage like the Pleiades. You also as mentioned earlier you can change from Jiant to Lilikin at will which affects the stacks you are able to run.

Jiant you’re Large so you can carry a medium and a small and when you’re a Lilikin you’re medium able to be carried by a large while holding a small on your head. Of course we’re not done yet we still have the Mega Mirages and the Champion summons. Of course the champions come in when you obtain medals from a girl in a tearoom literally named ‘The Girl Who Forgot her Name’ because she literally forgot her name but watch out she manipulates time, space, possibly memory, and reads minds. She allows you to go on mini adventures to assist various characters you’ve met on your journey. Although she just has you watch a cinematic, puts you right into the fighting, and returns you right back home.

She also supplies you with the Champion medals and the means to use them.  When you summon the champions they come in do their attack and leave immediately sort of like summoning a GF in Final Fantasy VIII without the extra HP and meter to monitor. You also have Mega Mirages that show up as XL then take both kids’ AP to bring out a creature of major kickassness. All in all its pretty fun you’re never really at a loss of where to go which is a refreshing change of pace from all the time shit while chasing Lightning and Serah.  Now not to say I’m unhappy about running around with Lightning and having her medal but let’s get legit about this darlings… The whole time travel thing with Lightning and Serah for their games was just everywhere and you had no real way of keeping track of what was going on and don’t get me started on the random ass giant plant at Lightning’s home base and her curfew. As soon as I saw that…Well let’s say there was no possible way to shift my eyebrows any further upward…Moving on. My husband actually complained about the game being so ‘linear’ but I told him “look I’m not doing that time travel shit in that fashion again with the curfew at least I know where the hell I’m going” after that I went back to playing it and our attention whore of a fat cat Angelus wasted no time stepping on his full stomach and using my husband as his chair and bitch cushion. Moving on!

With side bosses available that you sometimes need to go back and fight the game gives you replay fuel finding those bosses it also features a few mini games…  Let’s be honest…Don’t really care about those but running the mini missions from The Girl Who Forgot her Name, mirage collection, and the coliseum which has a couple stories that jump in with the beloved mirages Shiva, Ifrit, and occasionally Ramuh popping in to come see you! All in all the verdict is Hatter approved if you’re fine with adorable diabetes. Obviously I’m fine with adorable diabetes and watching Lilikin Sephiroth set the world ablaze (the attack is supposed to be neutral physical it needs to be fire!!). Anyways all and all I’ve been having a lot of fun with its game stacking creatures to crank out various abilities like a rubix cube with interchangeable pieces. All in all a fun game if you can get past the Lilikin infused diabetes. Goodnight my dears this Hatter is OUT!

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