Disney Magical World 2 (3DS)

Well hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I found another case of diabetes and it’s called Disney Magical World! So after playing the last one when the new one came out there was no question about my getting the off brand Disney Kingdom emphasized, downgraded, and less deep version of KH with the added benefits of a Café and customizable wardrobe well, of course I was in! I love running mini cafés and having random people tell me how cute my outfits are!…Especially with how much time I spend in uniform… Moving on! Just like the first game you get a letter inviting you to Castleton which has since the last game obviously gotten a lot bigger. They added a hair salon, a clothes dying station, a kiosk, and some of the other places just extended their floor plan. Of course there is still a lot of room for different Disney World Portals. Which you figure out while running about chasing Mickey and his friends through first set of ‘suggested stickers’ (stickers are achievements satisfied that allow you to unlock more content throughout the game) which is pretty much their version of a crazy long tutorial.

Throughout the game you’re revered as a powerful wizard that can save everyone in various realms from their ghostly woes. Same story as the first except there are more characters involved. In Snow White’s area you get to get more time with each and every one of the seven dwarves, Lilo and Stitch have Jumba and Pleakly tag along, so on and so forth. You are also loved as a café owner with a lot more control as far as just who shows up to your party and how many points you need for whatever guests you want. Okay if you didn’t play the first game then fret not I will explain further along. Anyways long and short of the story is ‘oh please great and powerful wizard please save us from these scary ghosts that torment us!….Oh and can we get a Mickey patterned Latte too? Kay thanks!’

As far as character development everyone is already set up so you don’t really see a lot of change although they try to reenact some of the scenes from the movies represented with the addition of you…and chopping out a lot but whatever. You’re kind of the silent type anyways so aside from your fashionable attire you don’t change much sorry.

Graphics are exactly the same as the last game for the most part save one aspect… In the instance you gain a puzzle frame and collect all of its pieces you are allowed to dive into a dream sequence. Be careful where you play that its bright as hell because its set up like you’re on a lit up float headed for a Disney night parade. You interact with the stage and the characters on it then leave. Honestly I get why they would do it but for me it was nothing more than an opportunity to get another sticker.

The battle system is pretty simple the usual functions shoot, charge+shoot, and special attack dependent upon the wand used. Also make certain you use the wand and outfit intended for each area because the wand will not work properly if you do no special attack and less special attacks available. The clothes are not as bad but it is still worth it to make the appropriate Quest outfit, but good news! Yen Sid gives you a new wand each time before you hit up the new environment so no need to worry about not having that initial wand each time although as a setback it is a little harder to get the wands after that with special items and the like.

So next up let’s talk about the café as I mentioned earlier so to get through to that so same as any game with a café you’re just earning money by selling yummy treats, dressing up your staff, and gathering material for everything from the worlds you visit. Good news is they have added a few things you are able to still wear an outfit even if your staff is wearing it, the same goes with furniture at your house and your café however at the café you have limited uses for the accessory items. Also as usual you throw parties to get cash and take pictures but they took out the card collecting thing (THANK YOU!!!) of course you get puzzle frames instead now but the biggest and best change is that the parties are done up a little differently when you throw them the because of themes. Example is if you have a bunch of furniture and food items for Tangled then you can throw a party with its characters but just how much determines what level of party you can get after that you choose from there. If you have the points you can pretty much have anyone there hell I was stoked that I got to have a party with Captain Hook and Smee although of note, to get their puzzle frame you have to dance on stage with whomever you are partying with…. I’ll be honest they play the same song over and over again (in fact they dance to it right after you get to Castleton) just make sure you make use of the pose set up during the song to get the frame. After partying with them you can usually see the characters run around Castelton and occasionally ask you for things (which help your sticker gathering). However

All in all the game is well explained and easily worked through and leaves a lot of playtime sticker gathering, fishing, growing crops, saving people, hunting things (yes I needed that Supernatural dig don’t sue me.), and we are not dealing with a family business but it is a sweet café. Need a highly appropriate time kill for children this is a good game although I do advise the mute button or having your own (or their own) music handy. All in all makes a good day my dears…approved but I’m serious about the music… the ‘happy place’ song makes me feel vengeance like Max trying to kill David during Camp Camp (oh Camp Camp…you ended too soon… 😥 ) Well that’s all for now my dears this Hatter is OUT!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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