Devils and Realist (anime)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’m running from demons once again then again its hard to find a good anime without a few demons in it! This anime is running a full host of them with a number of rather handsome looking ones but don’t let that fool you the twists and jagged edges of this anime go much deeper than its Yaoi hints. Now let’s get going!

Not everyone knows what it’s like to be a top student but William Twining does! He just had a day off and triumphantly returns home to bask in the glory of his accomplishments…but something is missing there… Such as pretty much like nearly almost…..EVERYTHING ON THE ENTIRE ESTATE!!! Left only with his butler, the clothes on his back, his house William must figure out how to keep up with the payments for school since his Uncle screwed up the finances and skipped town! So now he must try to figure out if there is anything left that he can use to pay for his tuition for school!

Although at least he has his faithful Butler Kevin!!….. Part time Priest, afterhours gambler with a bit little extra tidbit left out of his resume concerning his heritage, family tree, lineage or what have you! What is it? Well my dears not spoiling that one! Moving on! While scavenging the deepest darkest rooms of the estate William happened upon a strange set of symbols written on the floor and bled upon the circle bringing forth a man claiming to be a demon asking William to elect him as the Interim Ruler of Hell. Dantallian the first of four demons seeking his approval for the position. Now I say that Dantallian claims to be a demon because as a ‘realist’ William is not buying it in the slightest. Even when Dantallian notifies him that he is the reincarnation of Solomon and close friends with Lucifer himself!

Upon returning to school William meets three more demons while trying to scrape up enough money to keep attending school, maintain perfect grades, dodge demons, and act as prefect for his house meaning he was everyone’s ‘favorite person’ while assigning people lines in Latin as a punitive measure.

Even while seeing everything go on for the most part William maintains his realist view on the world even to the point of telling demons to their faces that they are merely a collection of atoms! Claws, fangs, miasma and all! Now the series although short does make some time for light hearted activities due to most of it taking place at an all-boys school putting in festivals, athletic events, and other things to have the ‘normal’ side of things throw monkey wrenches in William’s curriculum and attempts to carry the world on his shoulders.

The art was not really ‘different’ for this anime but I very much liked the various depictions of demons seeing them chill around Solomon in the flashbacks and reduced to serving tea. All in all it feels sort of like Hell’s version of Angel Sanctuary that is thousands of shades gentler than Angel Sanctuary (not for art for story ‘we think you are ###’ “I am not ### leave me alone!”)

All in all there was a lot of potential for this anime an I was intrigued however, I feel like they rushed too much in only twelve episodes. I’m not thinking they need to go Rumiko Takahashi over here with over 100 episodes but I’m noticing the norm of 12-13 episodes and I think it’s taking what we love out of anime these days. Last verdict enjoyable but NOT Hatter Approved. Goodnight my dears this Hatter is OUT!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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