Inu X Boku Secret Service (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today I’m talking about the residents of Maison De Ayakashi! With this lovely bit of real estate there are multiple apartments each complete with all the amenities and a battle ready Secret Service Agent for your protection! Now this is only for the elite and those even more elusive among those elite, that have demon ancestors and have gained their abilities. The newest resident of this house is Miss Ririchiyo Shirakiin. She is a rather bright young girl for her age being groomed for greatness in isolation away from her own parents and sister. Now let’s talk about this series…. Despite the main series only being 12 episodes long…

Ririchiyo moves into the Maison and one by one meets the residents including her own secret agent a handsome young man with dual colored eyes and oozes worship for his mistress. His name is Soshi Miketsukami and he lives to serve Miss Shirakiin. With a near sickeningly sweet demeanor, almost perfect service, complete disregard for his safety and life Ririchiyo finds it almost impossible to criticize him and or get rid of him. Despite her affinity for telling people to go fuck themselves in the most elegant way possible without cursing.

One of the burdens of her high birth was that people thought low of her for being rich and when she would stand up for herself she was considered ‘a bitch’. Like pretty much any female especially those considered to be soft spoken. However, I digress moving on. Throughout the series the girl takes the time to learn how to reach out to others, make friends, and gain a much clearer sense of self apart from her family’s expectations. All this is going on while dealing with demonic entities not limited to those living with her in the Maison. However, some of them she does take care of on her own after all she is part Oni although it accounts for naught against her doting ninetailed fox of a secret agent.
Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘A nine tailed fox serving a girl? Sure she’s half demon but why?’ Well not spoiling it for you there. Although I will say that the house is never boring with a myriad of part demon residents something is always usually going on. Whether its Ririchiyo trying to act too cool to care, Karuta eating everything within a five mile radius, or the ice woman with a thing for women suffering from a massive nose bleed. The funny thing was how in the first episode they disprove the possibility of humans being any sort of threat right away.

The series is quite short so I feel there could have done so much more with the series for the relationships and combat. The combat although present is usually far and few instances between. This is one of the anime I will admit liking for the focus on relationships and also because in everyday life I do come off sometimes as ‘cold’. Okay over here I can almost hear you gasping my dears but it is true, I do tend to favor logic over emotion which means my manner of expression is different from others. So I do admit a little bias but not enough to hamper my judgment. It is still enjoyable yet not enough to be considered Hatter Approved. Well that as they say is all there is my dears good night.

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