Shin Megami Tensei Apocalypse (3DS)

Hello my dears! Sorry I’ve been a tinge under the radar but I’ve been doing….research! Which means yes I’ve been playing video games (once I could pry myself from Borderlands 2 and the Presequel). So I picked up Shin Megami Tensei which is a series made by the same people responsible for one of my other favorites Devil Survivor! Both deal with befriending demons even though they differ in their approach since DS uses a market/auction system and SMT makes it so you must negotiate with the demons directly however they of course still make use of fusions and the compendium in the same way save the idea of changing just who helps you out with the fusion procedures.

You’re underground and you’ve never even seen the sun in your lifetime… You’ve just heard that the sky was blue and that there was a time humans didn’t have to live in subway tunnels. Obviously things have gone wrong with the city of Tokyo enclosed in a bubble made of Earth commonly referred to as ‘The Firmament’. The thing that separated the people of Tokyo from the deities and those that served them while remembering that you hope that one day…. One day you will help everyone’s favorite hero (the hero of the previous installment of this game) and bring the people of Tokyo back to the surface but first thing is first… You need a smart phone. Your character works as a trainee before striking a deal with a deity and is humanity’s first shot at a fighting chance.

The battle system is pretty simple you work alongside demons in battle to save humanity from Heaven, Hell and everything else in between and your weapon…is a smart phone. You summon demons with it and run around Tokyo gathering others to your cause while fighting off demons for various reasons. One thing leads to another and you’re to be the world’s next hero! Which is easier than it sounds (especially when one is guilty of getting the DLCs (the grind is too real so I got Godslayers gotta have Levels, Demons, and Macca etc..) At some time or another they also offered to off the level cap…which I missed much to my bane… (OW MY BACK!!! …too soon?) Anyways don’t think the DLCs just level you up or just hand you macca. They make you fight strong demons to get items so you can get the desired effects grimoires for exp., various items to sell for macca, and a corridor full of stores to get demons at in the game that increases its stock with your progression through the game.

The battle is pretty easy however getting around town is a bit different from Devil Survivor since you actually have your avatar running from place to place and smacking demons with your sword to get the drop on them sort of like in Atelier where you smack the baddies with your wand for a preemptive strike…or well any game like that… Moving on! All in all its easy to figure out the movement and the maps are well made so you don’t have much to worry about in that until towards the end where warping and crazy stuff gets involved… In fact I’ve already beaten back all three of the major groups the Demons, the Angels, and The Divine Powers so I’m working on killing the boss of all bosses. Who? Well won’t spoil that for you but I will say it annoyed me so much I had to put it down and play something else for a while.

The graphics are what you would expect from this series a great amount of detail in characters, enemies, and background that immerses. I’ll admit the graphics in the forest were nice but the details on the demons was amazing in fact I felt my mouth water at a couple of the females…. Hm? Married? Yes I know I’m married! HMPH! Moving on! So the demon designs vary from sexy females, old myths, religions, animals, even some designs that look utterly and oddly random….and or phallic. Why phallic? I really don’t know but it’s hilarious seeing something denoted as a dragon that looks like a man inside what looks like a giant see-through tampon with a penis tip on it. Anyways if you’re miffy about that I don’t know what to tell you aside from get out of your ‘safe space’ because it is a hell of a game!

I’ve lost track of just how much time I’ve logged onto this game. Whenever I was home (prior to the maze I mentioned earlier) it was always in my hands while I was awake for no less than 2-3 weeks. This was another one of my crack games…So that will obviously tip off what I’m going to say next…HATTER APPROVED! Yes it has boobs without nipples and phallic shapes but let’s be honest my dears people are getting too soft these days and kind of need to get over it! If for nothing else but to enjoy life! So I’m going to go enjoy some life right now! Goodnight my dears!!

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