Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets (3DS)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I felt a bit nostalgic lately while playing Gravity Falls. I know what you’re thinking ‘I know you like that stuff sometimes Glamour but it’s a kid’s show! How is it worth your time and mine?’ Now with that let’s get some background on the show first shall we? Twins Dipper and Mabel are sent to spend the summer with their Great Uncle Stan affectionately known as ‘Gruncle Stan’ who runs a small tourist trap in the middle of a crazy forest flooded with the most unexpected inhabitants and artifacts. The show starts off gently enough but gets more serious and end of the worldish as things go on while still going through a myriad of characters and mayhem. Now let’s get to the game.

The game acts as if Bill was already defeated since all the characters mention events that happened during the series such as Jeff begrudgingly bringing up his proposal to Gideon. The game kind of takes the position of ‘if the children didn’t go back’. However it is missing a bunch of key characters from throughout the series. While the journal Dipper carries and various paintings depict Bill we never see him along with Gideon and a few other characters like Gruncle Stan’s brother and Lazy Susan. My only regret with this was there were not enough of those characters included and those included did not really play that big a part save Soos, Jeff, Shmebulock, Old Man McGucket, and Stan. The others only really were around so you could collect items for them and return them which prompted you to revisit completed levels for reasons other than gathering dust for upgrades.

Since this game already has a series the game doesn’t really leave space for character development but the show does a great job of that anyways. Now if you didn’t guess already I fully advocate the show. I will admit to binge watching it until completion. Now let’s go on with the game.

Graphics are true to the show however they do appear a bit rough and sharp at the edges. Aside from the character use it’s a bit reminiscent of Teenage Zombies for the DS. Not the 3DS just the DS Gravity Falls just looks a lot more polished but the idea is the similar for graphics and battle system. Battle system revolves around Mabel wielding a sweater that works like a whip able to break barriers and Dipper utilizes a pair of power cuffs able to fling back projectiles back to the enemy. Each person has things only they can do and requires a lot of switching especially in boss battles. Of course you also have the supplemental gear used to get through the levels and also find hidden items. Dipper gets his flashlight used to open paths and also for size alteration while Mabel gets her grappling hook helping her get to places and often scouting ahead or open the way for Dipper.

Now let’s get to the learning curve… Everything is explained adequately however I’ll admit the game irked me a bit because you have to hold down B to run… It’s not unheard of to attack while running but having your thumb already dedicated to running things like I don’t know…BOSSES tend to be difficult to handle. Again they are not impossible but it’s still a pain in the ass. Also you can beat the game without helping anyone find their ‘missing items’ which is honestly not even really worth it. The only items you really need to worry about are the ones Gruncle Stan ask you to pick up. Also the game is easy to beat you just need to max out your upgrades with Old Man McGucket. Now my dears this is where it gets grindy… You have to replay through the levels to finish upgrading your sweater, cuffs and health. This is where your extra playtime comes in. After that? Well you beat the final boss and that’s it… Really. They roll the credits, you hit up the shack again, they put forth a hint toward a second game (or more trouble) and mention wanting to find everyone’s lost stuff. After that? Well I said ‘cute but fuck it’. Now it’s not to say I didn’t attempt to find them I honestly did going through multiple stages to find them and also gain enough material for upgrades. It was handy that the game told you if you had one, multiple or no more items to find each stage but some were simply hard to find even after having all of Soos’ upgrades. Which even with one of Gruncle Stan’s items also almost made me say screw it (there was a plant around a bunch of grappler hooks and carrying updrafts that was such a pain I literally had to walk away and come back later. (You can’t go to the boss unless you give Gruncle Stan all of his items, even if he doesn’t use all of them).

Now let’s get to the verdict… The show is Hatter Approved the game is not so much… Sure the game is true to the show but it is missing a lot from the show as well along with the weird key bindings. Would I play this game again? Only if I’m really bored and have no other games maybe? Now don’t let this weigh on you for the show. The show though short was profoundly awesome I loved it and would watch it any day of the week! The characters are fun and their world is crazy! From old family history to the twins making memories the show has a lot to offer. The game….was half assed. It was a wasted opportunity that could have been so much more especially for the 3DS format. Although we already know the stigma for games made for shows and movies tend to tank. Was hoping this game would prove it wrong but I was let down there in the same way that I want there to be a 3DS game for Steven Universe but I’m worried that it will be half assed. Anyways my dears I’m going to probably go watch Gravity Falls again while vowing probably to never touch the game again goodnight my dears Hatter OUT!


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