7th Dragon Code: VFD (3DS)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got some serious time logged into this game! It apparently has a couple of predecessor games but I’m not going into that so let’s rock my dears! Every so often I pick out something that looks interesting on Amazon. This was one of those times and I’ll admit I couldn’t be happier now let’s talk about it!

So to start off the game starts with you picking what character you want to start off as which reminds me a bit of Etrian Odyssey with the character creation. After that you walk into town overhearing a chat about an awesome game that’s all the rage. It’s popular yet also very selected people are able to try it out. You manage to tag along with a girl with a VIP pass then play the game. You have the option to make more characters prior to going in (advised to at least go in with a combat team of three). After performing wonderfully the creators of the game inform you that you have the potential to kill actual dragons!! Before the surprise settles in you get to test your strength a couple of legit dragons! After doing so you agree to save the world from the True Dragons causing death not just by eating humanity but also through an illness spread through flowers known as Dragon’s Bane.

After you meet everyone at Nodens you are notified you also get to travel through time to destroy the other True dragons before you kill the Final True Dragon, VFD and of course save the world. While on your journey you take on multiple main quests and side quests. Oddly enough not all of them end with killing required creatures which makes the characters even more endearing. Hell a mission I just finished simply requires you to conduct an interview with your fellow team leaders of Unit 13 (which is what they call you in lieu of individual character names). Throughout you see the characters around you change due to your influence gain from your strength and even some things you normally don’t see like telling a couple of kid’s parents their little doves eloped while explaining to them they were acting like children. All in all the battle system is easy to pick up just takes learning about the quirks of each fighting class such as with God Hand Class hand to hand combat specialists that require G classes to use certain techniques. The more G classes required the stronger the ability. Also using support abilities and extra turns is easy to pick up and adequately explained in game.

The graphics are lovely revolving around anime style drawing for menu use and in battle for back up teams. Usually you see the chibi styled models which I’ll admit to liking more than the anime look along with all the animations used. The fact you can pretty much have anyone use anything is pretty awesome. In fact you are able to change the classes of characters you already have in game at the expense of 10 levels to the characters changing classes. The only pain in the backside of this game is the massive amount of skill points required to max out your team’s skills.

As far as playtime and replayability you have a ton of missions in game to keep you busy along with the option to chat up your team and friends. You also have a good deal of grinding to do before some of the dragons go down however even at high levels victory is not guaranteed. All in all I very much love this game equal parts determination and wonderful story. From missing parents to your best friend holding on while fighting illness and the evacuations of entire civilizations. Not bad for a game company eh? Well despite my being everywhere my dears you’ll have to trust me darlings this game is definitely Hatter approved keeps the mind engaged with the story with graphics that catch the eye and the freedom to build your own team! Well goodnight my dears! This Hatter is OUT!!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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