Yo-kai Watch II Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls (3DS)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and today I’m rocking out Yo-kai Watch II Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls! Now if you remember I was very much in love with the first Yo-Kai Watch save a few things they needed to update! Good news is they did most of those things but may have gone a tinge overboard… but we’ll get to that let’s get going!

Of course like the last game you are allowed to choose male or female but either way the game runs the same. Late at night as you sleep soundly two Yo-Kai looking like ugly old women float to your window and steal the Yo-Kai watch right out of your sleeping hands! Causing you to live like nothing having to do with Yo-Kai ever happened to you! The next day you run out with your parents and have a lovely day with the shopping until they decide to stop for a treat…DONUTS! And wouldn’t you know the two shops right next to each other are named Spirit Donuts and Soul Donuts! Go figure right? Well with that your parents start arguing and you get whatever set of donuts go with the game you purchased. You get the chance to change sides later but honestly by that time you really don’t feel like it. After your parents resolve to stay there and fight you take a turn about town and happen upon a strange little shop where you find none other than your very own Yo-Kai Watch on display! The man sells it to you for one dollar but also throws in a turn of the oddly familiar capsule machine outside. After your prize yells at you for wasting money you hesitantly open the capsule releasing the Yo-Kai Butler Whisper who doesn’t remember you either until you all too quickly recall how the watch works and one of the hidden functions makes you remember all you and Whisper recall all of your previous adventures!

You even do the same recruiting Jibanyan all over again! Now the only thing that made me unhappy about this whole revelation was that you were not allowed to carry over the Yo-kai and stats you got from the first game after a point especially with each game having only specific Yo-kai available. Especially with some of the Yo-Kai you end up stuck with… such as ….Swelton. He looks like a giant sweaty fat guy in a sumo diaper…and he’s disgusting. However a saving grace between the two games is if you still have the first Yo-Kai Watch game take pictures every so often with it then meet up with the farting man at the Mt. Wildwood Shrine but be quick about it! You must talk to him two hours within the picture being taken or he will not give you any crank-a-kai coins for them! Oddly enough the unpleasantness of his farts is bearable with the specific Crank-A-Kai Coins he gives you! Select-A-Coin allows you to pick from 3 high ranked Yo-Kai from the Crank-A-Kai!

You don’t really see a lot of character development but you see some random situations that end cutely. This is one of the reasons I even partake in the side quests (also they added in the option to select the quest so it appears on the map! FINALLY!) Aside from your parents finally getting along and you learning more about your family’s history so-to speak bottom line the theme is pretty much the same ‘working with your Yo-Kai friends to save everyone!’ Of course as it is in many games the changes usually occur within the relationships! Grandma doesn’t really have a lot to say but whatever she does say she makes it count. Whether it’s remembering her dearly departed husband or telling you to walk outside for a while when all there is out there to notice is the chimney. You also have a bunch of quests with various classmates and other random people as per usual all usually having to do with their growth in some way… Save the sticky guy on the park bench. Not really sure what his deal is.

The graphics are the same cute rounded style that I still liken to Dragon Quest. The only things to really change are the additional Yo-kai, general layout, and the option to customize your bike (which you get a little late in the game in my opinion). Mostly it’s just how the game juggles the new features. The battle system is still the same but they have tweeked it a bit adding different mini games for purification and Soultimate techniques. For the Soultimate they added a clock where you point to the glowing numbers with the single clock arm until the meter is filled, for purification they have added a chains mini game be sure to look for the weak spot in the chain or it may take a while to break your Yo-Kai friend free.

Also in battles don’t forget to use the targeting feature to get the edge on your opponent (especially bosses). If you remember the little spirit balls that floated around in the first game treat these other background items similarly a sort of HIT two BIRDS with one stone sort of thing. You also have the Model 0 Mode of battle which powers up the Soultimates of your Yo-Kai it also enables the ‘poke’ function. It’s supposed to take a chunk out of your opponent’s HP but it shows up so rarely and only in 0 mode it’s really barely worth mentioning save noting that you can still hit the soul balls and minor targets with poke active like you would during targeting. Although what I really do love about the battle system is that they have added more information when you scan during targeting! When you scan a Yo-kai you can see what it likes to eat so it’s easier to befriend them!! Although I wish the HP meters would show up without having to pull up targeting I’ll still take what they have improved and call it a win.

It’s pretty easy to learn and even if you go up in rank it’s not as hard to get lower ranking Yo-kai as it was in the first game such as if you needed Ratelle for a fashion emergency quest. Also the other thing they changed that takes some getting used to is they added the exhaust meter while your character rides their bike sure you go faster but your character can get tired just as easily. Although I’ll be honest I never really used the staminium in the first place (which would have worked for the Wazzat Mission). Now the only places I would attempt to use it are maybe in the missions where you play tag. Also don’t turn away those spare Yo-Kai medals you can take them the monk staying at the temple in Harrisville. He’ll introduce you to soulcery which fuses the medals of like Yo-kai together so that another (also like) can hold the charm and get stronger.

So playtime and replayability…. Let’s get into that… I’m going to level with you including grinding for the final boss I beat the game within less than of 24 hours of playtime. There are still a ton of side quests to do and like the last game there is a follow up storyline you can pursue along with finishing out S ranking on your Yo-Kai watch there is still quite a bit you can do. Especially since they added so many new areas and the train that hits multiple stations but to be legit you only get to walk about (outside of the station) …. Less than half of them. Although riding the train has its perks (and its own mission) you eventually start hitting up Mirapo every time you get a chance and when you travel into the past the train only goes two places….

So for most of that time you’re running your bike. You can also activate terror time whenever you like. However, they made it so your Yo-kai can participate and you can link up with friends. Also the rewards at the end are a little different with the add in of the Terror Time Crank-A-Kai which gives you prizes based on how many red orbs you found during terror time. Now while I think the new apps are great there was one thing I wish we would have seen. A sort of pokedex feature for the Yo-kai which would be great for looking up what they like, where to find them, and a little blurb about the Yo-kai because honestly I’m curious what some of these Yo-kai are even about…Like Nekidspeed. Not sure how thing with a giant shoe for a head and a human body wearing a speedo can be a Yo-kai but having something like this could maybe explain why especially when the TV series (also available on Netflix) has not shown these specific Yo-Kai yet. This brings me to the Baffle Boards. Throughout the game there are these boards with riddles on them and if you guess the right Yo-Kai and set them at that spot the area where the Yo-Kai is set will change accordingly. The only thing is you need to know the show have played the previous game to even have a chance at these riddles.

All and all I very much enjoyed this game and look forward to the changes they make in the future and catching all those Yo-Kai. Although I have to admit I didn’t mention my favorite change yet. They have update the map and quest list so you can change the markings on the map to focus on whatever objective you want. Why is this my favorite thing you ask? Well if you played the first game you would have noticed that they obviously didn’t have that and the map was terrible! So I was one of those that actually broke down and bought the book. Speaking of purchases! If you still have your toy Yo-Kai medals or even some of the new ones you can use them to get coins for the Crank-a-Kai in game. Obviously this game gets Hatter Approved my dears! This Hatter is OUT!

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