Tales From The Borderlands (comp also available for PS4)

Hello my dears and you’ve got Glamour here thinking about how the hell someone works for Hyperion without getting killed? Well with this game I’ve found out Hyperion is like any other paper pusher (or data pusher) company. You have different classes of workers, fuck over people, and climb to the top at any means necessary….except with more blood involved. This is something Hyperion employees Rhys, Vaugh, and Yvette see daily. Now Rhys gets screwed over from closer to trash man but sees an opportunity to reach the top. It’s now or never. How do you get by on Pandora pretty much the same way save that you actually kill the people yourself unless your name is Fiona. She’s a con artist part of a miniature crime family with her father figure Felix and her sister Sasha. Thanks to Felix’s ingenious plans, Sasha’s lured in scape goat, and Fiona’s swiss army knives of skills seem like the perfect mix. Nothing can go wrong right? Well lets me bring you back a bit and remind you this is Tell Tale and Borderlands we are dealing with so of course whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

You run around with what could be easily the thinnest skinned team on Pandora however, what they lack in strength they make up for with their own individual skills even with the supporting cast such as Vaughn the accountant he can move money faster than an adult running to pick up their preorder (my husband ate it once running up the stairs to pick up Fall Out 4 for PS4 when it came out). You also have Fiona’s sister Sasha a headstrong female with a fair hand with weaponry and no less cunning than her sister. Of course you do see multiple cameos from the other games. Handsome Jack, Zero, Athena, and Scooter to name a few. You also get some goodies from the Presequel after beating Tales from The Borderlands and I will tell you my dears…WORTH. I run around with my Handsome Jack Doppleganger running the Rhys head and it’s a fun day. Although I will admit I was not too crazy about the head options for some of the other characters such as the one for Athena… (won’t spoil that one).

If you’ve played a Telltale game before then this is probably redundant but I’m going to say it anyways in these games it’s not about how hard you hit the enemy it’s about how much the townspeople love you. Also throughout you make decisions about how you want to play the two main characters ship them together, ship them with someone else, don’t ship them, etc…

The graphics don’t give you as many options as they usually do with Borderlands games however its pretty much reminds me of a much brighter contrast than seen in Wolf Among Us another Telltale game I love the hell out of… (le sigh one of my first reviews).
The fighting is scripted and not as bloody as you expect from Borderlands which kind of takes the steam out of it a bit for me or anyone that came in as a Borderlands fan. It’s pretty much almost impossible to die if you follow the directions. Although some of the things they have some of the character do…literally made me shout at the screen….For example Rhys possesses a cybernetic arm and while trying to choke out a bandit uses his fleshy one leading to one very unimpressed bandit…

The game is easy to learn since most of it is all choices, looking for clues and figuring out what to pick last so you don’t continue the story too soon (before you have a chance to check out everything). You do all that while remembering what you have learned, what each of your characters knows, and how the world and those in it feel and or know about your crew. Now did I make 100% good choices? Nope! I’ll admit I did not go squeaky clean but let’s face it that’s kind of the beauty of the game. Hell I jipped Scooter out of money and free repairs which made me feel terrible but later on had Fiona give him a present during his send off… Which made me feel slightly better…

The episodes on their own seem pretty long but you can generally finish the game pretty quickly the only way it would seem longer than it is would be simply because you hesitate to go back to the game after agonizing over some decision you made or going back to replay a certain part for the same reason. Which again I will admit to…damn I’m admitting to a lot of stuff. Anyways I know its not the gore fest we all know and love for Borderlands but I did love the hell out of this for a lot of reasons its funny, awesome character development, and for those that remember its predecessors even gives insight on things no one ever could figure out such as ‘how did the vault hunters get Athena?’ or ‘Why do they keep talking about Scooter’s son in the next game?’ and other various crazy topics. All in all I honestly find it sad not a lot of people really know about this game. So if you love Borderlands, want to know those answers, or even just want some of the perks you seriously need this game in your life! No question that its Hatter Approved. In fact planning on putting up a video of a couple of my favorite parts from this game and running them on The Hatter Gazette so be sure to check it out with all the rest of the mania I have going up there! Links below will be updated accordingly HATTER OUT!

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