Borderlands: The Pre-sequel

Welcome to Pandora’s Moon Elpis! Where you’re greeted by Janey Springs and butt slamming bandits! Everything you love about Pandora relocated to its moon Elpis! With a few extra things added to the mix like JUMP PADS! Now let’s get started!

You’re a vault hunter being interrogated by the Crimson Raiders the heroes of the last game. You’re telling them why you think Handsome Jack was a saint and a hero while Lilith restrains her urge to beat you senseless for it. The story is told by Athena the Gladiator but as with the first game you have 4 initial options and an extra two via DLC those being Lady Aurelia Hammerlock (Sir Hammerlock’s older sister) and a Handsome Jack Doppleganger. Now before we get any further I have to tell you I love having servants so even with Lady Aurelia Hammerlock’s benefits to her servants I just like having extra bodies around. So my two favorite classes have to be for this game Wilhelm and the Handsome Jack Doppleganger. Aside from extra bodies to take fire you get other cool things like healing, shield replication (for your extra bodies), and a lot of other things that make being one of the old bosses from the second game or looking like the man everyone loves to hate.

You meet a lot of people that Jack is acquainted with including his ex Moxxi who can tell right away that you’re not the real jack. However the responses are tailor made for each available character all starting from the point that the Claptrap opening for you is destroyed. One such reaction was disgust and annoyance upon realizing the ‘new vault hunter’ was another Claptrap unit… Which I did attempt but it didn’t agree with me so I went back to my Doppleganger. Although if you have not tried the Claptrap unit yet you have not seen that upon choosing that character the game asks you several times if you’re sure you want him or not and if you even realize who you just picked. (oddly enough when my husband gets this game he’s going to go straight for Claptrap…well goes to show I married him for his sense of humor).

The graphics are just as hardcore as the first and second games. The only real difference I would note would be that you see some of the supporting cast in different styles. Such as Moxxi and her ‘tinkering’ outfit. Of course you get a few different characters to work with such as Olga dealing out your heals. Of course you also get to see Handsome Jack go from Moderate Douche Baggery to full blown Murderous asshole. Either way he fancies himself a hero and you get to see a little of that as well.

The battle system is still of course fun with the added benefit of jump pads and Oz Kits which adds another fun filled effect to take advantage of on top of weapons, shields, skills, grenades, etc… Which just seems like a mania dedicated to the possibility of inflicting multiple types of elemental damage all at once! The game also has some new features that help out a lot such as using favorites so when you’re in store and hit delete you sell everything not equipped or favorited. This version doesn’t have much for DLC missions but the game has a good amount of content on its own. This game is of course Hatter Approved however I would like to see more DLC missions. Now don’t forget to catch me playing this and other Borderlands games via Twitch and Youtube along with a review for Tales From The Borderlands by none other than Telltale! Goodnight my dears this Hatter is OUT!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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