Borderlands 2 (comp)

Welcome to Pandora today I’m covering Borderlands 2! This game has been my crack lately and I love the hell out of it!… I’m also unable to play it any other way than PC since I’m not great at FPS. However, I found one of the best games to learn or just enjoy if you’re already very fond of FPS games but need a little more storyline to go with it. Now let’s get going!

You are one of several kinds of vault hunters that just arrived on a bus at the behest of some asshole known as Handsome Jack…..or if you’re like Gaige you scored a ticket for Pandora to get away from the police. If you don’t know who Handsome Jack is you might ask “why is he an asshole Glamour?” Well my dears he’s an asshole because one of the reasons he brought you to Pandora was to kill you and laugh at your failures. Throughout the game (more so in the DLCs) you learn a bit about each vault hunter from their mannerisms, abilities, etc… For the main character you don’t see a lot of change however you do see the myriad of personalities of all your comrades throughout the game Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, Tannis, the list goes on but is never complete without TINY TINA!!! The sweet little crumpet destroying hoodlum engineer of the group. Even with her progression and changes being a bit scattered hers is the most intricate of webs from the death of her parents to playing games after the fall of Handsome Jack (Badasses and Bunkers DLC) Tina has a very interesting thought process and gift of gab that has captured the hearts of many a gamer.

Guns! Guns! GUNS! All sorts of guns with no two usually ever the same (unless it’s a special event gun of sorts). They explode on reload, corrode, slag (make vulnerable to other ammo), shock, and even catch fire! Guns of every type, shields of every type, grenades, you name it there are seemingly no end to the selection! However the best are from the golden chest in sanctuary which of course takes golden keys (links to where I get my keys will be posted below). Every time you use up a key you get equipment for your level (of whatever character you are using). As a fellow BADASS said to me once ‘the chest will never give you something you can’t use’. I thoroughly enjoy the different kinds of equipment and skill trees (that you can change up with the use of the reset function found in any of the quick change machines all over Pandora).

This game is early to learn however like a lot of other games if you come back to it after a while things are a bit odd. This is learned the hard way and remembered a few times. So I end up restarting my file after a long time of not playing a Borderlands game. (If I play the Presequel it helps, if I play the original I get annoyed then go back to 2 due to lack of features from the other two games). However even over the years Borderlands has a special place in my Steam Library.

This game has untold hours of replay value and soooo many DLCs!!! Moxxi’s Wedding Day Massacre, The Son of Crawmerax, and so many more!! The game already has an insane number of side quests but of course each DLC has side quests!! Not enough replay value you say? No problem! You also have True Vault Hunter Mode, Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and at least 3 other modes where you get to take on Pandora all over again but stronger than before. Oh and lets not forget more than 4 different classes and an additional 2 via DLC!! So get ready to saddle up Butt Stallion (Handsome Jack’s living diamond horse) and get ready to find out why even those with ‘angelic’ qualities call Handsome Jack a prick.

The style used for the graphics is a mix of its multiple ruined environments and its influences. The texture can only be described as a moving portrait of blood, carnage, and sexual innuendos! The colors pop and the details are crisp. Don’t believe me? Well you can go ahead and check out our youtube channel The Hatter Gazette! All links of course will be at the bottom of the post! Now it should go without saying but hell I’m going to say it anyways… This game is definitely and without a doubt Hatter Approved!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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  1. Nice! I’ve only played the first one, but I’ve been reading a lot of great stuff on the second one. It’s been a while, though, so maybe I’ll replay the first one again before I move on to Borderlands 2. Great post!

    I’m actually the Community Content Manager for, and I would be thrilled if you considered cross posting your stuff to our platform. If you don’t know much about us- we’re the same team behind Movie Pilot, and push to give awesome writers (like yourself) the exposure they deserve. Feel free to email me! My email and more info is on my about page. 🙂


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