Mias and Elle (Web Comic)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got something special for you my dears! For a long time I’ve been following a certain artist on Deviant Art and found out she has been posting on Tapastic and Patreon! Now if you were about for the Pucca WYIM review you know I love supporting and sending out all the love to artists that move me. This is one such artist and this story is sure not to disappoint!

Now in the featured picture you notice a very laid back yet charming looking young lady. This is Elle a girl getting ready to break out on an adventure on a quest of sorts to establish her growth as a person by laying her family and some worries to rest. Now here’s the crazy part… The dearly departed and our dark eyed hero are not about to let that happen. The sexy looking lad with black hair and a rather historic looking outfit is Mias a wizard that crossed dimensions to claim her.

We start of in grand old England at a historical site then cross over into Mias’ dimension… From the fridge to an open flame from Elle’s perspective from a humdrum life to dealing with things she had only read about or seen in movies. Now at this time there are only 85 pages available for this comic at this time meaning not a crazy amount of space for character development. Our main characters have only met and gotten into at least a few awkward situations together. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘But Glamour why are you boasting already then?’ Well that I will gladly share with you… During the time I followed StressedJenny (name on Deviant art) I noticed a fanfiction writer that used her characters but I had the idea that they collaborated to make that story happen. Also even in the individual artworks made by her there were many pieces that told a story and in such an enchanting manner. Such as the short comic of Moff and Flickerlee about a moth and flame that wanted to be friends or even Mudman and Spring giving personality traits to Spring and well… mud! So I’m more than comfortable calling this comic series Hatter Approved! (and it’s just getting started) Now to follow up I’ve asked Jenny some questions and here is how it all went! 😉

Glamour – So I’ll admit I have followed your work since way back when on Deviant Art so first question is what brought about the inspiration of the characters Elle and Mias?

Mias and Elle are inspired by the music I was listening to in 2006, (Aimee Mann’s Deathly is an example) and the character design I was focusing on as part of my Animation course. Also a dream about a girl meeting and interacting with a street magician. It grew and blossomed very quickly into these two characters, and thought they’ve been through a lot of development over the years, they’ve pretty much kept their original essence.

Glamour – After all this time of doodles and lovely artwork you’ve shared what made you decide to turn it into a comic?

Actually Mias and Elle was always supposed to be a comic. In their very early development the first thing I did was make a two page comic of their first meeting. It is a million miles away from what it is today, but their story was always intended to be told through a comic. I just never had the time to work on it over the years and settled for smaller doodles of their interactions.

Glamour – While following you I noticed the fanfic by midnightfaery on DA which I also fell head over heels for… I kind of noticed a possible collab effort. Does she help you and vice versa?

Jenny – Haha, That was a case of me fangirling over my own fandom. That fanfic was it’s own thing entirely, and I enjoyed it so much I had to draw my characters re-enacting those scenes. That was as far as collaboration went. Sadly Elias isn’t and never will be a pirate Captain, as sad as I am to say that.

Glamour – We are already seeing some new characters in the mix with Ledbury and his young master are we going to see some old familiar faces in the mix as well like Abernos and Elias or do we have a wait a while to see them?

Jenny – I’m afraid there are still a few years to wait before we see Abernos. Elias on the other hand is itching to show his face soon.

Glamour – You keep up the comic at a very steady pace and are almost at your goal for doing double entries for a month? How do you keep the inspiration going?

Jenny – It helps to know where they are going in the story and what plot beats to hit in the narrative, but what keeps the inspiration going is to not have rules for how many pages I make per chapter. I’m free and flexible to explore their character and develop it further by playing with the environment I’ve put them in. An example of this was the wedding scene in chapter one. That never existed before I introduced Mias to the Cathedral interior and I had to get him from point A to B, but it helped build more of an understanding for what his story was, why he was there. That natural story build and problem solving keeps it fresh and exciting for me.

Glamour – What historical site did Elle visit?

Jenny – I’m assuming the Cathedral in chapter one? That is Wells Cathedral in Somerset. Wells is the smallest City in England.

Glamour – Is there a name for Mias’ dimension?

Jenny – that would be telling 🙂

Glamour – Is there any possibility of turning it into an audio comic casting voices for the characters and putting it out on youtube?

Jenny – I have been approached about this before and as flattering and as awesome as that prospect is I have to refuse. I’d be too upset if the voices were wrong as it’s such a personal thing to me and something that would have to be done completely right. That would mean a lot of my time picking voices and not time spent making the comic XD I would love to have that done one day though. I’d rather people interpret the voices in their own heads instead of a voice that is wrong. While reading her answers to my questions I must admit I was fangirling throughout the entire thing!! So now after all this I’m even more excited to read what is up and coming!! I am a patron of her Patreon and even received some charming stickers, bookmark, and a button which melted my heart upon arrival. So all in all I am very impressed with this very enterprising individual! So if you do check out her work and love it as much as I do (like a kid waiting for birthday presents in the mail every week) be sure to support her on Patreon! Now my dears this Hatter is indeed out!….and possibly reading this series for the thousandth time! Goodnight my dears!

Side note here are links to all the things I mentioned and a couple I didn’t! Be sure to check it out my darlings!

Main site – miasandelle.com Deviant Art – http://stressedjenny.deviantart.com Tapastic – https://tapastic.com/episode/198617 | https://tapastic.com/miasandelle Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/miasandelle MidnightFaery(previously mentioned fanfic|warning last entry was in 2013) – http://midnightfaery.deviantart.com/gallery/32327731/Mias-and-Elle-Fanfiction

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