Blood C (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and we’ll be going over Blood C…. I honestly just see it as Blood Sea but honestly either name is fitting. This series is one that I’m honestly kind of glad Hulu sensors because it turns my stomach seeing giant bunny monsters torture people and tear them apart like I would a basket of buffalo chicken wings and kebabs. To those that are eating while reading this I apologize especially to those eating either of those items. Now let’s get to it!

As with Blood + the leading lady’s name is Saya and she is the daughter of a priest and shrine maiden who secretly protects her town from the ‘elder bairns’ as they are referred to in this version. Though a seemingly carefree girl she has a lot more on her plate than she shares with even her girlfriends from school. As they talk about future plans and what they plan to do with their lives in the coming years like getting out their quiet bit of countryside. Come nightfall and after the daily chores finished Saya takes up her blade to destroy the Elder Bairns before they prey on the locals.

While people die one by one in a way you see people’s true character. Now I know I’m sort of talking Heath Ledger’s Joker here doesn’t make it any less true. From the people that died in a massive attack or a girl allowing herself to be controlled by one of the creatures. One by one you saw who ran and who attempted to fight back, ran, froze, or who was attracting the creature by crying out like an idiot. Now does that sound a little insensitive? Definitely, but let’s face it common sense says don’t attract whatever the hell is killing at the moment to you lest you yourself end up on the menu. Fight or Flight. Pick one.

The art is reminiscent of the style used for its predecessor Blood +. The artist however tends to focus more on the torment of the victims however…which my stomach is not a grand fan of. Which I know is a little contradictory to my usual bring on the guts and such. In a way I’m not certain why I feel that way myself however, I think it might have to do with the torment and suffering involved. Tearing out your heart like a different flavor of the pain one would feel watching the first episode of Attack on Titan.

Anyways all in all it’s a very tormented anime and very emotionally deep so it’s not for the faint of heart. So even I do call it Hatter Approved get ready to have your heart ripped out. While the world comes down around one girl with a sword in her hands… Well that’s all for now my dears this Hatter is out…


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  1. I thought this series was alright, but I much prefer Blood+. Yeah, some of the deaths are rather brutal. I was looking forward to the follow-up movie, after seeing how this series ended, but alas the film was pretty dull.


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