Hayate Combat Butler (anime)

Hello my dears we’re hitting up Hayate the Combat Butler! I’ll admit it was one of the most random series I have ever encountered. So let’s get started! Hayate Ayasaki is one very unfortunate kid. His parents are completely aloof and carefree casting their responsibilities aside to chase their ‘dreams’. This would leave the care of their son…to himself meaning part time jobs while still going to school. Although things completely go wrong when he finds out on Christmas Eve no less that his parents abandoned him and left him with a heaping 156,804,000 debt with plans to have him work off the debt via slave labor essentially. So Hayate does what anyone would do in this situation. RUN!

Well our story actually really gets going when Hayate saves a young girl from being hassled and watching over her for a little while (Since she didn’t even know how to use a vending machine). After all hell breaking lose and a botched ransom attempt Hayate ends up saving the girl’s life. However of course we know she’s not just any girl her name is Nagi Sanzenin and this little 13 year old is the heir to a crazily huge estate and accidentally stole her heart in the process. After everything is settled an understood and it is noticed that Hayate is a combat savant Nagi decides to have him work of the debt as her butler and protector.

Aside from seeing Nagi fall for Hayate there was not really a lot of character development. The overall goal for this anime was to be adorable and funny which it succeeded in. From constant misunderstandings to awkward situations and lost rich girls this anime never fails to get a laugh.

The only thing I noticed about the art work was that it was very light colors… One may even say pastel…. Bwahahahahahaaaa….!…ahem . Anyways it was a fun anime but probably not great for everyone since I’ll admit it gets a little …redundant. Especially with the relationship between Hayate and Nagi. Nagi loves Hayate but he’s the clueless hero just bashing everything in his path… while making sure your house is clean and pretty as possible (all those part time jobs paid off eventually!) Can’t in good conscience Hatter Approve it but it is good for a laugh. Well that’s all for now my dears this Hatter is OUT!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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