Is This a Zombie? (anime)

Hello my dears today I’m rocking an oldie but goodie! Let’s talk about Is This A Zombie!?! Now let’s overview shall we? His name is Ayumu Aikawa and he gives little care over his own physical condition since he’s a zombie. How did he get this way? Well first off he was murdered then by some miracle he was rescued by necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe one of those blessed and curse with power deals. This armored cutie radiates so much magic that even a change in her emotional state brings chaos and monsters. Now she stays with Ayumu as his mistress although the house gets even more crowded with Haruna the ‘former’ Magical Garment girl, and Vampire ninja Seraphim living with them along with other constant otherworldly visitors such as Mael Strom who is bound as Ayumu’s wife by vampire ninja law!

Now with the story it starts off simply enough, my name is Ayumu Aikawa, you killed me and I’m going to find you and kill you back (I know I almost pulled an Inigio Montoya). Anyways what starts out as simple revenge ends up getting exceedingly awkward with all the girls he ends up meeting such as Haruna. After cutting Ayumu in half to kill a monster she tries to destroy Ayumu as well but in the process ends up having her powers (and clothes) stolen by said zombie! So we get to how the title even got started a zombie cross dressing to use the powers of a magical garment girl to fight creatures and also find his murderer.

As far as character development I was not disappointed. Sure they have their antics and that however the relationships between each of the girls and Ayumu is interesting to observe. Each girl is in her own version of self-isolation usually out of necessity whether showing emotion summons a giant whale creature, being a genius keeps others at bay but you’re not taken seriously just because you can’t remember names, or just the front of being uncaring to maintain the appearance of strength. You also see some very serious themes between Ayumu and Eu when they talk about death, pain and sacrifice since her abilities come at the cost of her taking the pain of those she assists (or fighting) on top of being unable to show emotion. Sort of like stubbing your toe and not batting an eyelash but on a much grander scale.

The art is kind of typical of the genre but the interesting part was the way that they kind of made the various beings somewhat ‘normal’. Like having Seraphim run around in a tank top and shorts but giving her a cape so you at least have an idea that she was a vampire. Hell the main villain runs around in jeans and a t-shirt. However I think it was more so to draw the eye to Ayumu which was definitely a thing when he was in a battle with the frequently mentioned whale megalo (what they call the creatures in this series). As he was raising his power level he was getting ‘cuter’ which was denoted by crazy amounts of accessories added to his already crazy looking magical girl outfit. Now if you’re wondering why I don’t mention Eu’s armor I’ll just come out and say it. Compared to everything else a girl bathing in armor is not that big of a thing in anime let alone this anime.

All in all it’s a fun anime and a good happy medium between seriousness and comedy even with the latter being the stronger element in it. I found the characters very likable even if a bit random (mostly looking at Haruna). It was a really fun anime with a lot of heart in it. Strange as it is I can fully and without any reservations call this anime Hatter approved. Now I feel like this review is not my best however, one of the first on my return sooo hopefully I can give myself a little slack…because I’m one of my biggest critics. Well til then my dears good night this Hatter is OUT!

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