Pretear (anime)

Hello my darlings the hiatus is near an end since my new computer is nearly complete! All I require now is a new monitor. At this time I’m running this through my television temporarily… So at this time I’m just doing what I can but enough about that! Let’s get to the topic at hand my dears and that is Pretear! Now I have a feeling I know what you’re thinking here… ‘There she goes with another reverse harem!’ Well my dears I have to give that a ‘yes and no’. Hm? Why is that? Well I’ll go ahead and explain.

Her name is Himeno Awayuki and she recently went from the poorest girl in town to one of the richest. Although all she really wants is to feel needed and the love of her family which is in short supply since her father an avid author marries his recently widowed and devoted fan. She even changed everything in town including her company and their daughter’s school to match her new husband’s name. Amidst all this Himeno struggles to find a way to fit in. After a full day Himeno discovers a group of handsome young men and a trio of young boys with unique abilities and magic that call themselves Leafe Knights. Charged with finding the Pretear to prevent the world from being destroyed by the Princess of Disaster.

As far as character development goes it was quite charming and veers on both negative and positive sides of the spectrum. Himeno goes through stubborn stages, hungry stages, and inner conflict which is a good measure of character which speaks to her perseverance. Although the greatest credit to her character is the work she puts in to make certain she can wield the power of her Leafe Knights adequately. Now we get to what makes this girl different from other magical girls, she utilizes her knights which represent various elements and forces performing a fusion of sorts with the Pretear to combat the forces of evil. Each fusion or ‘Preat’ comes with a wardrobe change, abilities, and senses all enhanced depending on which knight she utilizes. However, upon discovering that the knights take the damage for her in battle Himeno was determined to hone her abilities with her knights. Also if that was enough learning about her enemy even gives Himeno pause and concern about her own fate.

Hayate, the Leafe Knight of Wind, was also one who dealt with his own demons blaming himself for the Princess of Disaster and her actions including the lives sacrificed to seal her away in the first place. During the course of this short anime the characters are given multiple facets so that even the family is given more substance versus blurring into the background. I’ll even admit my heart sank when one of the demon larva landed in an alley with a mother feline and her kittens giving even the smallest and most brief appearance significance.

The art is very light hearted and pretty and even the villain is denoted as a thing of beauty even while drowning herself in self-pity everything she did where she was personally involved had butterflies all over it. Sure they were black but still…. And I’m at risk at looking like that guy with the crazy hair… ‘Butterflies’.

All in all I find it quite darling with some unexpected twists and semi intricate relationships giving way to conflict. Also the fact that each male can have their own personality and occupation without having to be ‘romantically involved’ with the heroine. Which in a way breaks the mold of having everyone fawn over the main female or having not significance if not in a relationship. Anyways enough with my prattling it’s a good innovation. I’m not certain if I would ‘Hatter Approve’ it but it was a fun watch. Now this Hatter is out, good night my dears!

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