San Diego Comicon 2016 and Pok’emon GO tips!

Well my dears I just had a nice comfortable rest! It was a long day of walking!!! Hell a long weekend (and I only walked two of the days if you can believe it!). Grabbed some people and ran all over San Diego searching for Pokémon. We saw a bit of everything the good, the bad, and one set of people getting arrested (I think weed was involved….). Even though we didn’t buy passes to the event didn’t mean we didn’t get to see anything from the convention since it was pretty much like the ENTIRE GASLAMP District was the convention! Almost every business was welcoming of all the nerdlings and it was spectacular!!

We even got to pop in and see a play through of Telltale’s new Batman game!! While we were there we had absolutely no idea we were talking to Greg Miller awarded 2015’s Trending Gamer at The Game Awards and the man of Games Over Greggy!!! As soon as they called him up my eyes nearly fell out of my skull!! Also met Erin Yvette the woman behind the voice of Vicki Vale on this variation of Batman, even took a picture with Troy Baker (nope still not showing it sorry for the tease)!! Now you think that my luck would end somewhere right? Well there was a spot next to where I was sitting where I sat down my bag, I saw someone trying to find a place to sit so I move my bag offering him the seat because let’s face it standing for two hours tanks and that’s what I do. Now who was it? Nathan Ortega, another person who is going to keep me inside while playing the new Batman game!! He also saved the show multiple times with his expertise (while the men of the panel were calling for 5 and 10 year olds). Now aside from being called crazy or insane for being level 21 already on Pokémon GO I got to talk to them and listen to the blood thirsty crowd shout for Batman to maim and kill throughout Gotham (I’ll admit I was pretty violently inclined myself).

It was really exciting and the fact that its Telltale making this game tells me that we’re going to get CRAZILY intimate with the different possible facets of Batman, the story is going to be intense, and most of all…. the hardest thing is to make sure everyone loves you!! (True story on the last part, legit!) Now watching the fusion of Batman’s tools and that gives multiple crazy ways innovate game play from scoping out the Bat Cave’s computer or putting out the villain of the day! (episode) All in all I’m looking forward to writing a review on this game when it finally becomes ready for download from Steam since everyone that attended the panel/crowd playing session got a code for a free copy of the game!!! So guess who is amped as anything? THIS HATTER LADY THATS WHO! Now let’s move on before I get caught up.

We saw a lot of the other attractions including Nerd HQ’s set up at the Children’s Museum where people were playing the Beta of Battlefield 1. Where my husband and friend were quite caught up in now I’ll be honest it’s not this Hatter’s cup of tea but those who love it play on. Now the only complaint I have against Nerd HQ was that it was severely lacking in PlayStation games. I went around quoting Ghost Busters “There is no Dana there is only Zuul!” since disappointingly There was no PlayStation Only Xbox. Those of you that are new to my blog might not know but here it is I’m a PlayStation Girl. Although let’s face it favoritism aside it’s kind of ridiculous NOT to have both big players of console gaming there (We don’t talk about the Wii or Wii U). Although a few things were lacking no mention of a Doctor Who exhibit from those that went but there is a MAC showcase for a Star Trek line of makeup and the giant balloons of the Powerpuff Girls (which I refuse to watch after I found out they were TWERKING!! D:< ) Anyways moving on!

I found a lot of positive things too however, like people taking time to feed the homeless, make new friends, take pictures, awesome cosplays, win contents (Razr had drawings and I won a slap bracelet) Some people got drives but I was not that lucky. Still I did happen upon a couple of awesome things one them being BATMAN’S car! It was unbelievably epic and they also had a statue of Superman out! Loved it! Also heard some interesting things about stuff coming to Pokémon GO such as Pokémon Centers and modified lures to diversify the types of Pokémon one can attract! Now another thing I found was that San Diego has its own Pok’ebus!! I was about to plan a weekend where we would hit up the one in LA but to find something right in San Diego!?! Seriously I was happy as anything to find it, follow it on Twitter and get the pin for my team!! #teammystic They are still a work in progress but I am highly looking forward to it just like I’m looking forward to Yo-Kai Watch II Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls coming out in September!! It was hard to miss the tent for Yo-Kai Watch with a giant Jibanyan standing guard and children running around with Yo-Kai themed face paint. From the quick glance I gathered that the game has co-op options along with some new Yo-Kai! So with that you know we should be expecting even more Yo-Kai medals which of course helps us play the DS game by redeeming the codes at the bank but to the woe of the parents well looks like you might have to gut out your child’s Yo-Kai Watch Watch after all!

Now at this time I want to spin some tips to my trainers (I was going to put up a video but my stuff is acting up at the moment)!!

  1. Be prepared but not overhauled! Having water, snacks, and juice packs (energy packs) are all vital items if you are planning on doing a long journey to conquer gyms and catch new Pokémon! However, it’s hard to keep up if you’re packing 100 lbs. of stuff and it’s bad for your back+posture! (Also sunscreen really is a good idea for those in hot places like San Diego!)
  2. While thinning out your inventory to make room for Pok’eballs don’t go less than 50 at this time for healing items. As soon as you don’t have them is when you really need them!
  3. Catch EVERYTHING YOU CAN! Even if you don’t want something you can either get experience or candy from catching, hatching, and even evolving! So make sure you turn on that lucky egg when those events come into play to maxx out you’re potential XP!
  4. Going around in groups is always a good idea making sure each of you watch out for each other stops people from walking off cliffs or into traffic. Just because you’re playing Pokémon GO does not mean that common sense rules don’t apply. Also in some cities there are Pokémon buses popping up everywhere such as in San Diego #catchthatpokebus and LA on a Craig’s listing. Different offers obviously vary so make sure you check out the rules for each group you consider!
  5. While you’re out… utilize your map to its full extent however if the area looks shifty or is on private property don’t go no Pokémon is worth injury.
  6. Pokémon GO is a tool! Now people are glad that Pokémon GO is helping people lose weight and become more active but some are unhappy about the partnerships with various places including McDonald’s claiming that it’s ‘counterproductive’ to the weight loss aspect. Now this has even been a topic among my own friends and while one was of the aspect of being unhappy about it (no kids) my other friend (who has a lovely daughter) made a point to say as a parent it’s his responsibility to decide what is right for his child and that sitting down playing at McDonald’s would be counterproductive anyways. Now I won’t share the identities over either friend but I will say I tend to agree with the latter.
  7. Use different strategies of pok’eball throws to gain more experience!
    Curve Ball- Tap the pok’eball and hold it then swish the ball around until it sparkles then throw it (takes practice)
    Circle Technique- When you touch your pok’eball watch the moving color coded circle around the Pokémon you’re trying to catch. Throw your pok’eball when the circle is at its smallest. This will improve your chances!
    Circle Color-Now let’s talk about the circle color, simply relate it to a traffic light save instead of go, slow down, and stop its highly likely, medium likelihood, and difficult to catch. Usually people attribute this to just how aggravated the Pokémon is at the time but I’m not certain however, I do know sometimes the use of raspberries does help. Also of course different pokemon might require different strengths of pok’eball.
    Don’t waste resources! – Whether it’s balls or eggs make certain you utilize your resources well. Like when you have trouble catching something such as “Is that 10 CP Rattata really worth that 3rd pok’eball?” Depending on your priorities it may just be and just as easily can be rendered irrelevant.
    Fast Ball- If you suck at throwing pok’eballs like I do try a fast ball, as soon as you see the Pokémon on-screen for capture swipe like the wind until it throws the first ball. Now this is not a perfect technique since Pokémon may still fling away the pok’eball or the usual glitches occur.
    Don’t Flourish! -If you’re like me then sometimes the reason you can’t throw very well is because you might have a flourish to your movement. Excess movement or less than a straight line might hurt your chances of getting a Pokémon. Although all is not lost sometimes people can learn to work with it. Some people are using tools such as an improvised Iphone Case while others are resorting to simple pieces of tape on their screens. To that I say to each their own.
  8. Rivals not enemies. – While everyone has their rivalries (including the one in my house since I’m mystic and my husband is valor.)  A good natured ribbing is fine but don’t get personal. If anything we need to stand together against people that would make fun of us for doing something we like. Don’t forget all the sports nuts are drafting Fantasy Football teams right now and a lot of other people still attempt less active games like Candy Crush (which I’ll admit I tried but let’s get legit, sooo not worth).
  9. Streetpass- With so many nerdlings out you have no excuse NOT to take your DS out with you! Also don’t forget steps also help with play coins! So grab some coins maybe pass people from different countries and maybe even find some new friends!
  10. Have fun! – Sure weight loss and activity are great but what is the worth of this game if you’re not having fun with it? Also even heard of people that hesitate to play because they think they are less worthy than a ‘true fan’ including from among my own team members (If we get enough people asking us in the comments who it is we might tell you!). That couldn’t be further than the truth! What’s great about this game is taking people from all walks of life and bringing them together like they never have before. This truly warms my heart my dears.

Well with that enjoy your Pokémon hunting my dears! This Hatter is OUT! Good day my dears!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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