One Punch Man (Anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today we’re going to go over something you might have heard buzzing about as of late One Punch Man! Usually walks around with a lackluster expression and claims to pick up the mantle of the hero due to simple boredom. However, things are not so simple as that… He saves the sectors alongside disciple Genos a young cyborg with a drawn out form of speech. Now let’s get to it my dears!

Every day if it’s not one thing it’s another Mad Scientist creations, creatures from the sea, creatures from the center of the Earth, even aliens! Life in the sectors is usually never very quiet so the city largely relies on the hero side of the population. However one must be recognized and licensed to become one of these illustrious heroes…or else someone who is registered gets all the credit.  Our hero Saitama tries hard to get by as a hero even setting new records for the Hero Examination tests breaking their physical fitness machines.

The mantle of hero is not something easy to attain when you’re not carved out with a handsome face. This is something Saitama learns the hard way because no matter how able in body his face doesn’t do him any favors along with his devil may care attitude. Genos stays by his sensei and on occasion accidentally ends up being given (not taking) credit for Saitama’s works much to Genos duress.

Now throughout the series Saitama makes subtle changes to his approach to the world and interactions with people. Acting like a bad guy to give other people credit for things he did, giving hope to minor characters that prove to actually have a good impact on the show in its entirety (sort of a ‘every effort/hero counts’ sort of thing), and also in dealing with people trying to smear his reputation which means more to a hero than usually reflected upon in anime. Let’s be honest it’s something you usually see with Lex Luthor running a smear campaign against the Justice League. Now moving on, as far as Saitama is concerned his top issues are being recognized as a top ranking hero (simply meaning he’s the best of the best) and finding a worthy challenger. Due to reasons unknown Saitama possesses ridiculous strength without equal and left him with the tough guy complex. Oh and I missed one, being a total coupon/grocery store maniac (literally got charged up during a fight because he figured out he was missing a sale).

The art is not at first not very spectacular which is sort of point possibly due to the multitude of heroes and heroines which are mostly simple in design even though varied. Although the most simple thing featured is of  course… Saitama’s face. Again I feel most of the lack of detail is to draw more attention to the character’s personalities letting them ‘speak for themselves’ without flashy outfits to distinguish power. In a way I would have to call it essentially the polar opposite of DBZ. Now my darlings this is not putting out DBZ because I’ll admit being a fan myself. With DBZ it’s simple to see who is the strongest guy at the table his body lights up like the Fourth of July, he’s screaming and then chaos ensues. In this anime however is the polar opposite the most unassuming gets the most power ‘go figure’ then again there are those with the title hero that run around in tank tops or get noticed because they are constantly on a bicycle. Then again it leaves unexpected heroes as well that can come from just about anywhere hell even prison!

All in all it’s a somewhat enjoyable anime and teaches a moral or two I suppose but the series for some reason was a little underwhelming. Maybe because I expect a little more smash with my bash or that it was only 12 episodes. Now I’m not expecting people to make the ground shake but I think I was as bored looking for a fight as our protagonist. Who never did find an opponent ‘truly’ on his level. While the struggle of the underdog is commendable it’s not really awe inspiring as far as combat is concerned. If you can’t tell I’ll spell it out for you… this hatter is not terribly impressed with this pieces of the new generations weaboo pack. It’s all about ‘feelings’ and less about fighting. Sure the will of the people is important but to this extent was just annoying. Anyways this girl has some fireworks to go see with a darling man! Happy Fourth of July my dears and this Hatter is OUT!

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