Hunie Cam (COMP)

Hello my darlings recently Atlas did a review on Hunie Pop but attempted to play Hunie Cam however, it was not his cup of tea so this is where I come in! Let’s start up the run down my dears! At the beginning you meet up Kyu again and she needs help running her business. She hands you the reins and tells youto rack up fan numbers. Fans for what you ask? Fans for pron pretty much. You get girls then put themto work camming, photoshoots, errand running, escorting, skills, and hitting up the spa to reduce stress.

As you recruit girls you have to make sure you have all the smokes and alcohol they need to work or else their stress goes up faster. Although they also weigh on your profits with pay and upgrades. Aside from that you have to be careful who you send to ‘escort’ since it’s possible to get a girl back ruined with an STD. Some curable, others not so much.

Now I’ve heard this game was terrible and in some ways it is since it doesn’t really have a story however, I do like entrepreneur games every once in a while (it also has a bit of clicker-ness to make the tasks hasten). There is not any character development at all; you simply play this game to get tokens at the end to unlock outfits for the girls.

The graphics are not great some of the same girls are used from the first game but they look a lot more …cutesy? You also don’t see as much of them as you think. The game teases a few shots of the girls doing ‘things’ but in game the most you see of them are the icons on the right side of the screen and of course in their profiles. You also hear them react whenever you tell them to do something.

The game is easy to learn but the playstyles vary. I prefer to get each of my girl’s subscription pillows as soon as they are able to take on equipment, bongs to keep off stress, and meth to cut their time in half. Now before we go any further. My team does not condone sex trafficking, sex abuse, prostitution and or substance abuse. It’s a game, we recognize it’s a game, and we move on. Now again, I admit liking this game a little but again I think it’s because of the strategy I can work out with it.

The time in game goes by at a moderate pace slower than The SIMS on mega fast forward but faster than a day on Harvest Moon. You are originally given a period ## days to see how many fans you can get but the game gives you the option to keep going from that point. You also have the option of using the other slots just in case you do want to start from scratch. Since I think you only get the coins from the initial time limit anyways. Which gives you two options for replayabiltiy. Perfect the girls attributes, upgrades, etc… if you keep going past the deadline or start over again and try to beat your previous fan count while scoring coins. Now the reason for the coins is very simple you get coins at the end of the game to unlock outfits and hairstyles for the girls. Some of the styles you may notice showed up in the first game like Beli’s swimsuit.

This game is not something I would recommend to a lot of people unless the like clicker games or adventure capitalist. Although I do like both of those games I cannot in good conscience call this Hatter Approved. Good night my dears and if Kyu asks I was not here! Hatter out!

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