Underrated Superheros Part 1: Aquaman

Well this is my first blog. So here’s a bit about me. I’m 27 years old, I’m kinda a hopeless romantic mixed with a horrible bastard. I’m a huge nerd and an avid lover of history and the sciences. I watch way too much television. I love to run and work out in my spare time.

Call me Chromium.

Alright, lets get down to the nitty gritty. When it comes to the world of comics there are many characters that come to mind. Most people know only the ones that are in the movies nowadays and some that are on television. Fewer more would actually read the comics and have a better understanding of what really makes the hero’s tick. Personally I’m more of the latter of the two, I have read more comics than I care to admit. I’ve watched more superhero cartoons and movies than most are willing to claim.However there are certain heroes that are seriously misunderstood and underestimated. I’m here to shed some light on these heroes. This is



Real name: Orin or Arthur Joseph Curry(Depending on the continuity)

Race: Atlantean(Atlantean-Human Hybrid in certain issues)

Abilities: Atlantean physiology grants superhuman strength, stamina, endurance, durability, reflexes, agility, senses, and healing. Aquaman also boasts telepathy and mind control extending to aquatic life, Oh and capable of swimming at a top speed of 6,700 miles an hour.

Synopsis: Throughout the span of Aquaman’s existence he has always been given a really bad reputation. When I have asked people what they think about Aquaman, do you know what they say? Oh that loser that talks to fish? These are the people I would like to string up by their collar bones with giant fish hooks. For all of us that grew up watching Super Friends and Batman: The Brave and The Bold; we saw how they treated this character. They treated him like a JOKE! Literally nothing was taken seriously. They lost the chance to have one of the biggest badasses show his true potential. However this isn’t always the case. the first time we actually see him being badass on the small screen was in the first season of Justice League where they show him going through the battle with his brother Ocean Master and Black Manta. They could have shown how the Trident can pierce both Superman and Darkseid(no other weapon has made him bleed in the comics).  They also could have shown the upgrade from his cybernetic hook hand into a magical hand gifted to him from the Lady of the Lake, oh by the way one of the powers the magic hand had was to completely dehydrate a body. He could literally kill anyone that way. Oh Superman is going crazy and murdering people? No need to worry, just send in Aquaman with his magic hand and remove water from his body until he is too weak to move. Well no need for Kryptonite in this situation.

Since then however we have seen a dramatic change to how he is presented in the media, did anyone see the Flashpoint Paradox? Not only did he get to bang Wonder Woman(kinda jealous not even going to lie), but he had brought together the Atlantean Soldiers and the Trenchers together to fight the entire Amazonian race. That’s some serious stones he has. however there were still downplaying his power. If you noticed the Amazons were using bows, arrows, swords and spears(along with Greek monsters like Cerebus and a minotaur), and those were able to pierce through not only Atlantean armor, but also Atlantean flesh… Wait! What? Atlantean flesh is capable of deflecting knives and bullets. But all around it was a good way to showcase his “Outrageous” power. Another wonderful showcase was during Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. It shows the young Atlantean Hybrid coming to terms with what he really is after the loss of his father. He proves my point earlier that Atlanteans can’t be stabbed by normal knives. In a drunken brawl a huge fisherman tried to stab him in the chest and the knife shattered. Not only was the fisherman surprised, but so was Arthur. It also shows the power of the Trident, a weapon forged out of pure magic. a weapon that can manipulate the water, fire energy bolts and act as a focus to amplify the magical power of anyone. In the New 52 it is now part of a collection of seven very powerful Atlantean magical items, forged by the first king of Atlantis who calls himself ‘The Dead King’. Thought to be the most powerful weapon of the set is completely indestructible  He was also able to break the mystical barrier of Dr. Graves which was deemed indestructible at the time. Apart from all its power the Trident acts as a symbol of Aquaman’s authority and his trademark weapon, which he wields with unmatched skill For a time Aquaman withheld the Trident of said aforementioned god of oceans in his battles against the thule which enabled him power over the storm calling down thunder & lighting, projecting and controlling ice, causing the earth to move, rise and tremble at his command as well as teleport global to interplanetary distances using water as a medium. it could also transform into a gladius & back at will

Now, Lets talk about whats next for Aquaman. The Big Screen. Jason Mamoa is playing this iconic character and i think we are going to see the future of what Aquaman will be for decades to come. What are your Thoughts on this?

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