Hunie Pop

Atlas-K is back in the saddle again; today I’ll be reviewing Hunie Pop. So, let me caveat this by saying that I have never played a dating sim before, let alone one as ::ahem:: mature as this one. But it came at the recommendation of a friend who knew I was looking for something to review to break into the game side of the house and knows of my inability to play super-flashy, first person view games. (That black and white warning on games and movies is for people like me whose minds can’t handle the extreme levels of awesome contained within those little death discs.)

So, I don’t even know where to start with the dating sim aspect of this game… Oh yeah, yes I do. You’re a loser who can’t get a girl to save your life (regardless of your chosen character’s sex). Thankfully, you’ve got help in the form of Kyu, a love fairy. She helps clean your act up and gives you access to the Hunie Bee (think of it like a pokedex for women). With a few pointers, a couple shoves and some crass jokes, you’re on your way to scoring with the women of your town.

How you ask? By playing matching games of course! Each girl you encounter has a trait that she favors and one that she doesn’t. This affects the amount of points scored with each match. Additionally, you can build passion to increase the points received and joy which makes your dates go longer. Conversely, if you don’t watch what you’re doing, you can break their hearts which significantly decreases your score. Each date you go on has a set score to achieve for the date to be good enough to move on to the next one. Don’t think that you’re going to be getting any any time soon though as you have to at least make it to date four before you have a chance to really start scoring. (Intentional pun is intentional.)
 You will get “adaboy/girl” rewards after most good dates in the form of risqué photos they’ll send to you.

When you’re not on dates, you’re getting to know each of the twelve possible women and learning everything from their hobbies, and age to their cup sizes. Answering their questions right, giving them certain gifts will have you scoring “hunie” to build your own traits so that you’re more attractive to them (it affects your scoring abilities on dates). That’s just the basics. There are all kinds of strategies you can use to win the love of your ladies. You’ll have to try it for yourself and see what works for you. 

The Good: Well, its definitely different. I don’t have any experience from other dating sims to compare it to, but now I’ve got a baseline for which all others will be judged. The matching game was actually quite enjoyable due to the complexity of the social interactions effects on your scoring.
 If you’re into Steam Achievements, there are about 20 to be earned and the game gets progressively harder whether your date is successful or not, so it should hold your attention if the more obvious attention holders don’t already.

The Bad: The intro is a bit rushed so it took me a while to catch on to the matching game and why certain things were important or not. Another issue I found was unlocking the games “Alpha Mode” where you have to turn in 12 sets of panties (don’t ask, just accept) to Kyu. Well, I had 10 and no new characters to “earn” them from so I had to consult the internet… and I would have never unlocked Momo or Celeste had I not looked. The only other issue I had may be my own doing. I had to tinker with the resolution settings to get my mouse pointer to appropriately line up with the game window. 

The WTF?!?: I could technically move this entire review to this section, so I’m just gonna leave it blank. Yeah… 

In conclusion: If you’re interested in trying something weird and new, go ahead and give this a go. You can buy it for under $10 on Steam and it will play even if you’re offline (another hidden bonus). For my first ever dating sim, I’ve got to give it a thumbs up for its complexity and how it all ties together. That’s all for this installment. I’m in the process of downloading Hunie Cam, the pseudo-sequel so keep an eye out for future reviews on that. In the meantime, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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