This is Atlas-K and I’m finally back on the beat after spending a few weeks on travel. Today I’ll be reviewing one of my all-time favorite anime/manga series, Bastard!!! 

While this series runs as both, I’ll be reviewing the one shot anime series that ran in the early 90’s. It ran six episodes and all are available on DVD. The Manga, unfortunately only had 19 of its 27 volumes translated to English. Essentially, if you have a love for heavy metal, Dungeons & Dragons, and anime, this is a series that should be right up your alley!

In a world… (I’ve always wanted to say that) where mankind has destroyed itself and civilization barely clings on, one man rose up and almost conquered it all. Thankfully, he was eventually sealed away in a child and the secret of unleashing his power kept a secret so that his evil would never again be unleashed. But what kind of story would this be if we just followed some lame two-bit priest who got in one lucky shot? 

 This is the story of Dark Schneider, the one who was sealed away and the events that follow once he is released to save the ones who imprisoned him 15 years ago.  He’d have his vengeance too if people would stop meddling with his plans for world domination, if his crew didn’t turn their backs on him and people would just stop kidnapping or manipulating his women!  Whoever said being evil was easy has clearly never tried.
The Good: As mentioned, if you’re a 90’s metal head who loved anime, fantasy and think that the fourth wall was made to be broken, then this is everything you could ever want in one series. Its light hearted and the series has fun with itself, even mocking the writers and whoever found it entertaining. On a side note, one of the best Anime Music Videos I’ve ever seen is to this series and is performed by the band Kamelot. When most musical groups were suing individuals for using their songs to create something, this band posted it to their website and said they were honored to be used for such a creative endeavor.

The Bad: Unfortunately, with both the anime and the manga, we’re left wanting more. The anime introduces the characters and gets you through the first story arch, hooking you and making you crave more, while the manga goes further, and it too goes unfinished leaving you to read translated manga scans online. I hate manga scans and would much rather see the hard copy series sitting on my shelf. Aside from that, the only other issue I’ve had is that younger generations don’t get a lot of the music references, resulting in me staring at them awkwardly, blinking, hoping that they geek out like I did when the lyrics to a song are used as an incantation to a world shaking spell. (I’m not that old!!!)

The WTF?!?: Clothes dissolving slime. Less coverage = Higher armor class.  Fan service for no reason.  Oh 90’s, you were so silly…

In conclusion: As I said in my opening statement, this is one of my top three anime’s of all time, so of course, it goes without saying that this gets my Atlas-K seal of approval! Check it out sometime and let me know what you think in the comment section below. With that, take it easy and I’ll see you all next time.

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