Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Hello my dears today I’m thinking about running with the Night Parade of 100 demons. Are they lead by some crazily strong, ruthless demon with a desire for rending flesh and a thirst for human blood? NOPE! It’s lead by a young boy with only a quarter demon blood in his veins. So how does a boy pull this off? Well let’s have a chat about that…

His name is Rikuo Nura and like any kid he thinks that his grandpa is the coolest being in the universe (I did too until I realized how awesome my grandmother was although eventually came to the conclusion they were both great so I got their names tattooed onto my leg but moving on). Now where was I…? Oh right so he thought his grandfather was the coolest thing ever and that Yokai were good guys. Now this was not due to any ignorance on his part but more so due to lack of access to anything that would influence his thoughts on yokai save the exposure to the kind and playful yokai his grandfather had on retainer that actually stayed with them. They always treated him kindly so he never thought badly of them so when the subject was brought up at school he of course denied it at the cost of some minor bullying (I do not condone bullying, just simply saying at least it was not worse). Around the same time when his grandfather announces him as his successor young Rikuo finds out the nature of yokai is not as pure and kinds as he initially thought.

After an epiphany while trying to save his classmates he uses his demonic power to save them and to begin recruiting his night parade. He undergoes the whole double personality thing while being a sweet and innocent (with some pranks involved) human boy during the day. At night he takes his demonic form with white and black hair a slight tendency for rudeness and a bit of an ego… Granted his is rather charismatic he still has a ways to go before he can take out Hagaromo Gitsune the yokai that vowed to destroy his family with a bent on bringing about her ‘true form’ with undoubtedly negative results for anyone in her way… And let’s not forget her distaste for humans….save the livers.

The art is not really different really except in showing off the various kinds of yokai and the utilization of their skills. Even the use of the skills through ‘fear’ making those skills as unique as the demons themselves be it an ice woman’s shards, a ninja’s blade usage, or Rikuo’s mastery of illusions. I could go on but I feel that would defeat the purpose of watching the anime in the first place.

Now when I first saw this anime I was constantly intrigued by the storyline and the quirkiness of the supposed ‘wise’ characters. Rikuo’s grandfather was even denoted as a diner dasher or would break into people’s homes and wide out their foot stores without turning back but still managed to selflessly save a princess and capture her heart in the process. So I feel this anime is very balanced with its silliness and strife. So with that I have no problem calling this anime Hatter Approved! Now there are but two things left to say my dears good night and this Hatter is OUT!!!

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