Alice in the Country of…Clover, Hearts, Joker, etc… (manga)

Hello my dears now it’s no secret that this lady loves Alice in Wonderland and occasionally peruses media with touches of that persuasion… With that I found this particular Alice series by Quin Rose, but I’ll admit I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked this up. Now let’s get to it my dears.

We all know how it starts, Alice falls down the rabbit hole to find herself in Wonderland. Well in this version she initially finds herself in the Country of Hearts after being kidnapped by the White Rabbit! Although not just any little fluffy thing. He comes to her in the form of a young man completely besotted with the girl. On top of that she finds herself in a most peculiar predicament… A mafia styled turf war between various role holders and their underlings that have no faces which they have in common with those on neither side but have the unfortunate lot in life to just get stuck in the middle of all of it. Although Alice being an oddity is interesting to role holders and faceless people alike…. When they are not trying to kill each other the role holders are trying to gain her favor.

The land is split into various territories that are each under control by certain ‘role holders’ those taking on the job of upholding a title given which are usually holding a domain or assisting the role holder in charge of the domain. Of course there are places in between like a somewhat neutral area (only somewhat because no one owns the areas but shootings occur every so often including some scuffles that Alice even got in the middle of but what kind of series would it be if there was no conflict?

No in all the mania poor Alice it doesn’t help that everyone is essentially as gorgeous as they are ridiculous! Even the Tweedles that call her big sister and yet they change their ages at will do get a rise out of her among ‘other things’ that they leave out… Since this is being sold at book stores like Barnes and Noble. This series already boats 45 books in total including a few books attempting multiple omnibuses for the prologue that spawns multiple stories after that! Now I only say spawn because the series utilizes every way that the store could have gone completely dependent on who Alice chooses but they take a note from multiverse theory and explore every possible option… While entertaining it’s in a way a bit tiresome.

Alice mostly endures while maintaining a sense of naiveté where she places her morals over lives and in some cases her feelings over morals as some wishy washy females do. It makes her getting into trouble quite easy which pushes along the story however, I do wish I could see a girl think more objectively than not. The sad thing is the world doesn’t see a lot of that so the characters that display those characteristics are usually portrayed as villains. The villains are usually the ones that ask ‘do the ends justify the means?’ but I digress… Anyways there are not really what are considered ‘true villains’ in this series however the role holders do go to extreme lengths to gain Alice’s attention for reasons other than she is simply different because she’s not from their world. Hm? Why else is she different? Well my dears I won’t spoil it for you.

The art is whimsical and gentle as one would typically think of for a manga chock full of bishounen. Including my favorites the Tweedles and The Cheshire Cat for this series. Now before you think to yourself ‘but she’s a Hatter! She must love the Hatter’ I would like to add though I am a Lady Hatter does not mean I have to be in love with every version. This particular Hatter is used in a way I find is not typical to the ways I have seen him used. He jokes however he mostly derives his entertainment from attempting to be seductive. Granted I know there are many facets able to be used for a Mad Hatter Persona but I feel like that version is ill fitting or simply trying too hard to be bad or perverse…. Although that’s just my observation, this version is simply just not my cup of tea so to speak.

Final verdict on this is although it is very pretty I don’t agree with the ‘method’ I suppose. If they want to have all the different versions of how things turned out based on who was chosen then it would have been better served as a dating sim. Which in all honesty would be more cost effective on both sides and still allow the writer to come up with as many routes as desired without taking the space on my bookcase. Granted I know they are drastically different I’m very certain of the market of girls of various ages being interested in an Alice in Wonderland dating sim, even more if there is some mania involved. The more interactive the better! Although not to discount the series it is still entertaining and I have my favorites among the outcomes (The Bloody Twins, Cheshire Cat). So all in all it’s an enjoyable series, not necessarily ‘hatter approved’ (only because they should condense the collection a bit more and the Hatter outlook). With that said obviously this review is even leaving me with mixed feelings but it is very pleasant read with battles as a bonus! Well with that goodnight my dears this Hatter is OUT!

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