Kirby Planet Robobot (3DS)

Hello my dears, you’ve got Glamour and I’m running back to my favorite kind of reviews! The 3DS of course! The other day I picked up the new Kirby Planet Robobot and my eyes just glimmered at that big ball of pink adorability! Now the game is very…split for me which makes it a little difficult to review, but dearie you know it won’t stop me from trying! Let’s get going!

One day in Dreamland King Dedede is peacefully playing chess while Meta Knight is doing…whatever Meta Knight does while trying to look mysterious when all of a sudden something starts hijacking their light source and landing all kinds of crazy equipment all over!! What the ever living hell is our walking pink bottomless pit of a hero doing? Sleeping under a tree of course. He wakes up after a rather large air ship crashes and wastes no time heading towards the source!

During the game you have three other personalities you encounter during the game (Meta Knight doesn’t really have any cool dialogue really or anything…at all). You deal with Susie who is the assistant to the CEO of all this mess, CEO, and the Mother Computer (the thing that makes the bosses for you to fight). Susie is a very girly robot that claims to worship the ground her boss walks on even singing his praises (literally) every time you walk into the rooms she is in. The CEO Mr. Hartman is a weird egg shaped man that thinks of Kirby’s planet as very plentiful and of course profitable so of course all the natives are only hindrances to his work of perfecting the Mother Computer. She’s big, bad, and dangerous in her own right.

The graphics as always for Kirby are very flashy and as with Kirby Triple Deluxe you warp star back and forth from different layers within stages. With that I noticed that the creators have added a lot more ways to interact with the environment including a lot of things you normally don’t see in a Kirby game. Such as a robot Kirby can control while holding onto a remote designed like an old school Gameboy with an antenna at the top that mimics Kirby’s movements. With the innovation of course I am impressed so bravo for that and let’s be honest the robot is not too shabby either (they even included a customization option of putting stickers on its arms…thought not that big.) So that’s what there is to say about the shimmer now let’s get to the fighting!

The battle system for Kirby basic mode is very much the same save you have more control over just where your shots go along with the use of a few new forms to utilize two such forms being poison and doctor. Poison workings like dark flame that affects enemies walking on it. Doctor is more for speed even though you’re throwing pills at your enemies and smackin’ them around with a clip board. Both are fun but let’s face it I’ll take the poison form over the doctor form (sorry my whoovians…and I refuse to call anyone a Dweek….hell no….moving on). Also something very handy is the psychic form which is really good for puzzles or getting those hard to reach items.

So with that let’s get to the ROBOT FORM!! You’re big you’re bad and all that interaction I talked about earlier well that’s where a lot of this comes into play. Those big cars that hit you when you ignore the stop signs (they are set up as green and red for you to walk not the cars), speakers with music markers on them, big turtles that try to eat you without the armor? Well as a robobot there is a very simple solution to something like that… PUNCH IT! PUNCH IT! PUNCH IT! And oh also handy for moving things like those big ugly trucks in your way or scowling spinning devices that like to smack little Kirby around (notice the specifics). Although let’s not forget that Kirby’s bot can also transform! Side note before getting into the weeds of this is that Kirby’s transformation in basic mode is separate from the Kirby robot’s transformation. Various forms of Robot Kirby have functions that go hand in hand with things needed in the game to unlock items such as electric Kirby for charging and Parasol Kirby’s flying ability (still not as fun as psychic Kirby). You also have stages almost completely devoted to Robot Jet Kirby which prepares you somewhat for the final boss by treating you like a massively upgraded and much less annoying version of Mii Force. Unlike Mii Force I found myself enjoying these stages. There are also part of stages devoted to Wheelie Robot Kirby swapping to the forward and aft lanes of the game at will, which is also pretty fun. Now let’s get to the rocky part shall we?

I bought and beat this game within the span of 24 hours. I was kept in awe from the shiny graphics but I beat the game so quickly before I knew it I was picking Bravely Second back up again. Sure there are mini games and also you are able to pursue the route of the game where you can play as Meta Knight with his own abilities while trying to speed it up…but let’s face it. After beating the game once it simply rehashing same material you literally just finished without the code cubes (items collected each area necessary to reach the boss of that area). If Meta Knight actually had his own story and maybe then some interesting inputs like how he ended up in the predicament he was in well then maybe but in my honest and humble opinion playing through that stage further than just testing out his own skills is just not worth it. All and all if you’re loving graphics and semi complicated landscapes this is the place for you but if you’re looking for more of a time kill well I highly suggest…Pretty much anything else. Also for preordering I got a set of trading cards which are cute and show off the robot forms of Kirby. They are cute but I’m not really expecting much from them aside from being cute book marks that make me smile for a little bit after a reading sessions of Grimm Fairytales Comic…. I am currently in the middle of one of them while waiting for my Steven Universe and Rick and Morty Trade comics…. If you’re in San Diego a couple of good comic spots are Comikaze at Liberty Station and TC Rocket’s (a predominately MTG game store). Both places have comics and various memorabilia along with really knowledgeable staff. Now let’s finish off this review on topic. All and all this is a very fun game but not much of a time kill unless you want to be the perfectionist that wants every single code cube. Which is honestly not worth it and there are always the one or two you end up saying ‘screw it’ because of some inevitability with the stage. Anyways, I can’t in good conscience condemn the game but I can’t Hatter Approve it either. So I’ll settle for a 3.5 out of 5 tally. Missing points for annoying placement of cubes and lack of stages creation. Well my dears that’s all for now this Hatter is OUT!

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