Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion (COMP)

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion (COMP)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’ve been anything but quiet going through Spooky’s Mansion. Taking on the challenge of attempting to go through 1000 rooms. Now let’s talk about this flight of curiosity if you will…Let’s go!

You arrive in the mansion and first thing you do is meet Spooky. She’s not even sure how big her own house is since after asking you to find the end… if there even is one. After that she tells you that she doesn’t know and to ‘just go’. What a personality on this one for certain! So after getting through a number of rooms and hitting a check point you start seeing letters from some poor sap that thinks that this experience is supposed to somehow be ‘romantic’. Aside from being thirsty and lacking romance the guy writing the letters is not really that interesting. After that I encountered a report left by a random lab assistant saying that something broke out. Aside from that you don’t really see any ‘character development’ as it were. The only real development is the varying creatures you encounter. Creatures that leave black and green splotches on the floor, creatures that make holes in the ceiling and during my play I didn’t see the creatures in the classroom setting but apparently they have a limited range but wreak some decent damage.

The game claims you are given a weapon of some sort but I think it was lying unless you earn something you earn when you manage more than 200 rooms or so (I forgot my room count for when I died). You end up with tools you can use such as a room key. You also have the option to play a couple of odd looking arcade games they put in. The one that resembles Pacman is impossibly easy and the other had odd controls. Both of them have the same winning condition… STAB!

The graphics are not great but Spooky’s design and those of the cardboard are simple and sort of cute while the rest of the place looks like a more smoothed out version of Minecraft. Which I suppose helps make 1000 rooms. Especially when a bunch are simply carbon copies of earlier rooms. Overall its an easy game to learn…although I admit a case of fumble fingers in my second recording… Which I will link to this post when it is complete. As for playtime and replayability I could easily get lost trying to get through this game again and again but after a while I would have to stop due to sheer frustration.

You can easily spend a long time going through the rooms and all that. Meaning I could have started up again with the stream versus stopping as I did at my first death. However, I’ll be honest I don’t want to right now but possibly in the future I may want to pick it up again. All this mostly due to the frustration of getting caught by one of the green and black creatures (and then unluckily finding out going BACKWARDS is not an option…) Now at the very end I can’t say I ‘Hatter Approve’ it. It’s got a certain midground since its not really that scary versus surprising. Granted you do hear me start up ‘oh shit’ on repeat didn’t mean I was really scared. Mostly just hyper aware. Since I’m usually calm anyways unless I’m angry…or there are creepy insects involved… All in all it’s a fun game even with the lack of detail with the graphics. Links at the bottom as always (starting my previous post) and this Hatter is OUT!

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