My Secret Pets!! (COMP)

Good evening my dears, Glamour here and I’ve been dabbling about here and there and came upon My Secret Pets!! A game where your pets become bishounen! Games like this have become increasingly common for mobile apps but honestly it’s a bit of a money sink when one is thinking about potions for stats and whatnot but as we know this is how ‘free apps’ get their money. Now don’t get me wrong its not like Steam didn’t charge me for this game. They did however I find it a bit more honest than pay to play mobile games. Since everything is already open to you… Now let’s get going!

After naming yourself you meet up with your longtime boyfriend Reito. You’re head over heels hovering on cloud nine until he tells you that he ‘needs space’. You freak out to the point you literally collapse on the sidewalk then somehow drag yourself home without any recollection of just how you made it. You are about to drown in your sorrows when you get home only to find that there are four beautiful men in your house and you don’t remember letting anything that adorable in! After the initial routine questions of ‘who are you and why are you in my house?’ the four of them reveal themselves to be your beloved, furry, feathered, and chubby animal friends made human. They tell you that they are all vying for your affection and that you need not fret over dumb old Reito anymore. As they fuss over you… You find yourself happier and even somehow start to forget about that stupid guy… After that you choose a lucky boy and waltz through his story.

Through the game you see the boys display various adorable traits along with uncovering their weaknesses so to speak. I could tell you what they are…but what fun would that be? You could either play the game or check out my game play video on youtube if you’re truly that curious (link will be posted below). Now one would think all of these quirks are sweet and harmless… In fact those were my thoughts to begin with as well but I was very wrong in that assumption. Sure things start off gently enough Lize is happy to make breakfast every morning and Assam makes tea which is of course darling until they start getting a little antsy about things none of them wish to tell you….until the very last minute. Now with that in mind there is also very forceful behavior… Some of the guys involved try to get way too handsy with imposed massages, forced embraces, and even one case very much bordered on RAPE. Granted during the main character’s thought monologue or inner dialogue if you will said she was actually happy to be with the instance of near rape. Honestly I don’t condone this instance…(for my actual reaction check the video also will have the link at the bottom). For the record I don’t condone rape and no one on my team does either. So it makes this game a bit difficult to deal with because if not for the handsy moments and the rape. The saving grace is in a way that the offending party does eventually feel guilt and after allowing himself to be locked in a cage buries himself in his own guilt. Usually this doesn’t happen which makes it difficult to fully Hatter approve this game. However, I do notice when purchased by steam they do check ages prior to allowing perusal of the game images and recording. Granted it’s easy to lie to the computer, let’s face it…. The burden of making certain younger females that would be interested in this game should have a nice long talk with her parents or guardians to set those important boundaries and proper guidance.

Now that I’m off my soap box let’s get talking about graphics, it’s a dating sim with anime look to it… It’s common enough. Although what I tend to like about the style are the dynamics given to the appearance of each pet. Of course they are all handsome but they are lovely for different reasons to accommodate the various types and tastes. Although again I do not condone some of the actions from the men on the game I do like that each of them shows different weaknesses and that the weaknesses show their animal forms like a piggy tail and ears (Assam) likewise with cat ears and tail(Lunfa).

This is where I would normally talk about a battle system and intertwine with learning curve.… In this game obviously you don’t see any combat. Aside from having your ever present guardians show up with various information or whenever you call for their aid. In one of the cases of a forced embrace you are given the opportunity to call for one of your pets to rescue you. They tend to dispatch the offending party with ease. All and all the men are easy to get a read on and thusly easy to figure out how to increase the male’s likeability percentage which you see every time you save your game.

The game has at the forefront five routes you can take to get through it. One for each male (I highly suspect there is a hidden away route for your golden retriever Georgie…but time will tell even for me at this point. So I’m continuing to look forward to that. But the overall verdict is that I can’t hatter approve this game and only see a very selective audience interested and an obvious need to curb more impressionable audience from misunderstandings that could obviously start up from this game. So again parents… actually talk to your children. Anyways you can play this game for a long time going through different choices and whatnot but in the end its more of a squee fest with a tinge of pervy nuances lacking nudity…Which is the only thing stopping me from simply calling it soft core porn. Anyways don’t forget to subscribe to A Hatter of the Details if you have not already along with The Hatter Gazette on Youtube or even my Twitch channel! All links below and with that my dears this Hatter is OUT!

The Hatter Gazette –

Twitch –

My Secret Pets!! Lunfa’s Route (note : still trouble shooting here) –

My Secret Pets!! Assam’s Route part 1 –

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