The Creepy Hollow Series – Part I

Hello there, Hatters! I’m Ravenna Magica, your pony for all things dealing in the realm of books galore. Also, I’m a new addition to the team. I would say my nerdisms span a wide spectrum, but I wouldn’t consider myself proficient in anything. I’m more of a dabbler and open to experiencing what the world has to offer. Being pretty new to writing review articles, I’m excited to see where it takes me. Do bear with me as I figure it out along the way.

The one thing that has stuck with me throughout the years is my love of books. So to start us off, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite indie authors, Rachel Morgan, and her Creepy Hollow series. I stumbled upon this lovely author, roughly three years ago; however, it was not until last year that I actually got around to reading her work. In my defense, I have a 200+ number of books I have yet to read on my Nook app. And that’s not even counting the physical books I own or the books I have on my Kindle Unlimited app. Depending on the way you look at things, one could say I may or may not have a problem. I on the other hand am a firm believer that a person could never have too many books. Any-who… Launching my reviews with the Creepy Hollow series, I figured it was only fitting that I start out with a series that draws us into a world where magic does exist.

The Creepy Hollow series is set to span nine books in total. Currently Ms. Morgan is wrapping up book number six, which is scheduled to be released June 20th. Because the series can be split into sections based on protagonists, I’ve decided to split up my reviews into three different ones.

Section one of the series is Violet’s story.

To give you a little overview of this world, Creepy Hollow is one of the many places located in the magical realm that Ms. Morgan has created. Although there are locations created so that humans cannot see or visit, using faerie glamour to hide themselves, faeries can coexist in the human realm. The protagonist is a trainee of the Creepy Hollow Guild. With the Creepy Hollow guild being only one of many, all Guilds have to reinforce the rules set by the Queen of the Seelie Court. With that being said, asides from insuring justice and peace amongst humans and magical creatures, there are two important rules that all guardians and guardian trainees must follow:

Guild Rule Number 1: Never bring a human into the fae realm.

Guild Rule Number 2: Never reveal yourself to a human.

These rules are law.

In book one, The Faerie Guardian, the old saying “rules are meant to be broken” applies; however, this time, it’s not by choice. Seventeen-year-old, Violet Fairdale is weeks away from graduating, possibly as the top trainee of her class. It’s the greatest honor for a Guardian, and she desperately wants it. As a faerie guardian trainee she has one job and one job only: to protect humans from dangerous magical creatures. Usually she’s pretty good at it. Her latest assignment is to protect Nate, who is a random human that is foreseen to be targeted by serpent looking women. But it’s easier said than done. And fate isn’t as random as it appears. In turn, it brings us to Violet accidentally breaking both guild laws back to back. And this is simply the beginning. There is a bit of romance involved, but it’s refreshing to have a story that doesn’t solely revolve around it. Being that The Faerie Guardian is the first book in the series, Ms. Morgan gives you enough world building to the extent where you can understand the idea of Creepy Hollow and its magical beings, without being overburdened by it or it slowing the pace of the novel. With many twists and turns it is impossible to put the book down.

In book two, The Faerie Prince, we get to dive deeper and see what makes Violet tick. Smoothly continuing where book one left off, with days left until graduation, Violet is still determined to graduate as top trainee of her class, come hell or high water. Even if it means she has to work with her rival/ex best friend, Oryn (a.k.a Ryn), to get there. And boy is he a piece of work. She’s going to have put all her years of training at the Creepy Hollow Guild to use; their success could be the factor between life or death. Not to mention, there’s a psychotic, evil prince plotting and scheming, you know the usual. We also get to explore the magical world beyond Creepy Hollow and its Guild. Although we’re left with a huge cliffhanger – in comparison to the first novel – it’s written so well that you can’t really hate the author for it. However, it does help that the next book is already completed.

In book three, The Faerie War, Ms. Morgan reinforces her love for writing plot-twists by throwing us a huge curveball.  The magical world is in ruins. And what’s worst is that Violet can’t seem to remember how it happened, why it happened, or who she really is. Without really going in depth and spoiling the ending to Violet’s story, there are many trials and tribulations that Violet has to face to rediscover who she truly is and the truths that haunt her past.

I have to say this series is well written, with dynamic, well rounded characters. It’s a beautiful realm to get pulled into. The Creepy Hollow series has a good amount of action, romance, and adventure to keep you interested in seeing how it all ends for Violet Fairdale.  It’s just simply good story telling by Rachel Morgan. Hands down one of my favorite series.  Well I hope you enjoy the first installment of reviews for The Creepy Hollow series. Until next time, Hatters!

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