Brothers Conflict

Hello my dears rocking out a new anime that pushes a couple of boundaries… So let’s get to it. Her is Ema but is commonly referred to as Chi. Who goes about with a talking squirrel as her constant companion Juli (a squirrel only she and one other are able understand and act as her knight in shining fur.) She has to deal with thirteen new brothers of a wide span of ages jobs, etc… Her father is set to marry their mother and thusly she is living in a house full of her hormone heavy teasing new brothers. There is never a dull moment in the house when you have a doctor, actors, a popstar, lawyer, basketball player, a Cross dresser and who knows what else all in one house!!

Japan is crazy enough an environment as it is… Having it filled to the brim with crazy boys around her age doesn’t make anything easy. Especially when they are emotionally sensitive, narcissists, teasers, etc…. All playing around with a female character model that is carefree and completely innocent. Easy to make blush. If they don’t tease her they are teasing each other….

Throughout its mostly just the boys playing games while Ema just learns to cope and the boys learn humility little by little. The girl learns more about her brother but she doesn’t really seem to ‘change’ she’s naivete with moments where purity crosses into wisdom. Sort of like Persephone in a meadow before Hades snatches her up.

The various styles of brothers along with their specialties, personalities, are what makes the story really pop. Don’t get me wrong the girl used is cute and the squirrel is adorable with this patterned tail but without the boys let’s face it… There is no story since the girl would be walking around school aloof to others emotions and in some ways her own. I am fond of the story but aside from liking video games and having an intelligent squirrel friend there is nothing really special about her… I liken it to Diabolik Lovers with toned down mental damage and none of the physical damage. I very much like the series for the males various personalities but the main female is simply a flavorless rag doll tossed about by the affections of her new brothers because they can’t keep their hormones in check or remember that they are supposed to be siblings. I love the conflict but I’m torn on whether or not to call this anime Hatter Approved… So honestly I can’t. Well my dears I bid thee goodnight. This Hatter is OUT!

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