Youtuber’s Life (Comp) part 2

Well hello my dears I decided to do a computer game today and recently picked up Youtuber’s Life. Which has been the topic of one of my new videos on the Hatter Gazette. I’ve been enjoying this game and also recording but feel the need to do a review now let’s get going!

You’re a young aspiring person that is amped to do youtube videos and become interwebs famous!! However, first you need to get out of your mother’s house… Which is easy enough but getting to the point where you can make everyone happy with your videos afterwards while sustaining a living after getting food for yourself, maintaining your equipment, paying the rent, and other things gives the game a very Sims feel to it. However, the upside the Sims doesn’t have is being able to easily swap around your task list. Although it gives numbers and attitude like you’re playing Game Tycoon with the stats included. Although it gives an additional quirk if your videos don’t necessarily do well of having a faux Arrow character break into your room claiming that you have failed the internet with your recent video. I usually just tell him to go fuck himself and just keep going.

There are not really a lot of character traits to witness unless you talk about the acting you put on for the camera. Sure you see the whole thing about making friends…. Since the game hints that you can make cohorts of these people. That being said not all people throughout the game are made equal which is made evident by the check profile option when you talk to people out and about town along with the photo shoot option used to gauge your popularity.

The graphics are highly chibi’ed and for starter options leave something to be desired. They don’t have a lot of hairstyles and the lips… (well when conducting character creation in my video even with the odd quality of the video….) I was highly vocal in my dismay of the designs available.

The game is easy to learn since everything is repetition the only thing I didn’t care for through the learning was that the game forced you to do social functions to unlock things such as going to a party at a bar and going to the movies in order to unlock online stores. Different locations also have different functions while both allow for interaction the theater allows for the popularity gauge as previously mentioned and the bar has challenges to receive ‘free items’. My first was to get a date with someone to get a pair of free 3D glasses. Honestly I found that more trouble than it was worth and preferred to buy them myself. Also what is annoying is the length of the courses you’re allowed to take to refine your skills as a youtube star along with a glitch I’ve encountered where I’m stuck taking the same course over and over. I hope they fix that soon because I truly do enjoy this game.

The game offers loads of playtime but can become easily monotonous with the repetition of tasks. While trying to make sure you have enough money to pay for bills and new computer components. To cut the crap I made certain to buy the top of the line equipment when I could however the CPU tends to burn out every so often requiring constant repair and in some cases replacement… Which of course one expects…. Although in respect to the various consoles included in the game be wary of the video requests you get. Throughout the game you get requests to do videos because someone’s computer is broken or something of the like. So be certain you have the console or device to complete the request and or be certain to get the right video type. I’ve messed up on both before…. When I’m supposed to be good with attention to detail… Go figure then again sometimes I click through things faster than I should. Also when conducting videos the game gives you certain options in creation. Some being illegal such as stealing videos and music. This is something I don’t agree with especially when you have no other choices available. To deal with the conflict (if it comes up) is to either take down the offending video or to pay a fine to all it to continue existing. Now let’s get onto the summary then!

All in all it’s a good game however those creating it do need to do some glitch control…. With the courses, lack of choices for hair and facial styles, etc… However it is a very enjoyable game! However let’s face it the things pointed out are rather big ones. So hopefully they can get through them rather quickly! Now if you want to see how it looks for yourself feel free to check out my video on youtube of my play through. Below are the links to the channel and the video itself! Enjoy and this Hatter is OUT!

The Hatter Gazette – Youtuber’s Life Video – (warning it’s been brought to my attention my voice does not come out as loud as it should but I’m chalking that up to a learning experience for my next videos!)

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