Revolutionary Girl Utena (Anime | Manga)

My darlings today is the final day of the big 15!! So before I return to my cage I shall share with you one of my very first and favorite anime series Utena The Revolutionary Girl. When I was little and didn’t know my place in the world or really anything for that manner I picked up videos with my mom being drawn to a cover of a girl with two girls on it one with pink hair and the other with purple hair. At the time I didn’t know what I know now all I knew was that the man with the green hair was mean and the girl with the pink hair was the kind of person I wanted to be. So I grew up hoping to figure out what noble was and how to be strong like that pretty girl with the pink hair… Now let’s go forward and talk about Miss Utena Tenjou.

In both versions the story starts with Utena being rescued as a child and idolizing her savior a man that told her to live a noble life and that it would lead her to him. Granted the book gave a little more details about the background for the when, where and why it happened in the first place. It also delayed Utena’s entrance into Ohtori Academy. A place that she starts off in right at jump in the anime version with the one thing that never really changed… Wakaba. The clingy, love struck, idol worshipping, jealous friend of Utena. Also of note is of course Anthy Himemiya but then again what would a contest be…without a prize? Such as the Rose Bride and the power to revolutionize the world. The student council of Ohtori Academy and Utena all possess rose seal rings which are the crest for the school that unlock a place called the Dueler’s Forest shrouded in mystery. At this place duels take place to determine the ‘owner’ of the Rose Bride and the power contained within her. This is something Utena only gets involved in while defending her friend Wakaba’s honor.

In all of the versions the most changes occur with the relationship between Touga Kiryuu and Utena when she can’t quite decide what to make of him. While Utena while well-meant tries to make Anthy happy by helping her with what she believes would make the girl happy. However, naiveté and misplaced trust were often Utena’s downfall. However at the end of the day she could always rely on one friend even when events tore her and Anthy apart. He’s purple, spunky, eats everything he shouldn’t, wears a tie and earring he’s Chuchu. A tiny little purple monkey constantly at Anthy’s side often acting as a messenger or attempting to be Anthy’s protector. Who had a few side panels made specifically for him.

The art for this anime is in short no less than stunning then again it made a very strong impression on my younger self so call me biased if you must. It also had great influence from one of the other animes I have reviewed that one being The Rose of Versailles. So not only does it impress upon young girls it also leaves an impression with artists. One may even dare say… Inspiration.

When I was little this anime made want to be stronger and noble. Today I only hope I can continue to do that…. Even with the touch of naivete here and there throwing off Utena’s focus I highly recommend and Hatter Approve this anime and manga. Although I must warn about the movie and the extra manga Adolescence of Utena. Although it is beautifully drawn it is a bit of a mind fuck for different reasons for each. For the manga it’s death that brings everything into the crazy zone and for the anime… well Utena transforms into a car. After that…. I’ll admit my brain sort of exploded. I continued watching as help and obstacles were implemented but at that point… I just kind of head tilted and couldn’t stop until it was over. All in all I enjoy and again Hatter approve the series and the Adolesence of Utena… just keep in mind the car thing is more of a metaphor… I think. (I was honestly just surprised she turned into a car.) With that I also suggest the music for both sound tracks. I have them both and never regret buying them and also think it’s where my diverse repertoire of music comes from! With that my dears its time for this hatter to be OUT!

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