Snow White with the Red Hair (anime)

Alright my darlings its almost time for me to return to my shackles but before I do I still have this and one other review to do! Today’s is a currently ongoing anime called Snow White With the Red hair… Which I think is too long of a name but I didn’t come up with it so let’s go!

In the land of Tanbarun lived a young girl named Shirayuki with very rare red hair like that of a candy apple shell (in the series they just say apple). She has a nice steady living as an herbalist (which is pretty much a pharmacist without the additives). Every day was lovely while her patients were all happy and grateful for her expertise. Yes she had the perfect life searching for herbs and bathing in the love of her clients…. operating word being ‘had’. One day during normal business hours tending to her patients she received a messenger from the first born Prince of Tarnbarun. He demanded she relinquish herself to him in order to be his concubine. Shirayuki in all honesty was not that kind of girl. Now let’s talk about what she did…

She took off for the nearby country (and stretching that hardcore) of Clarines after a night of setting up medication for her customers one last time. She met up with some squatters at a very nice house and found herself in good company with a young man with silver hair named Zen, our heroines love interest. Tactfully Zen reveals himself to be a prince and also arranges for Prince Raj to leave Shirayuki alone allowing her to finish her journey with Prince Zen to Clarines. While there she investigates the flora and fauna of Clarines while studying for the prestigious position of Court Herbalist.

Shirayuki and Zen are very mature to start off with however their development is more about how they deal with each other and also the game of royalty chess. Which let’s face it when pedigree is involved without the proper backing you’re essentially playing pigeon chess. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase it is often mentioned when someone can’t prove their point but still act like they won or in this case don’t listen to what anyone says then does whatever the hell they want. The beauty of this series however is that the girl works from the bottom to the top on her own knowledge and resolve. Of course having a love struck prince does act as a motivator. Shirayuki even makes some unlikely friends such as her not so secret admirer Obi who keeps his love for Shirayuki but stands by as her personal guard detail on Zen’s orders. After being amazed by her lack of fear even after being shot at by an arrow containing a threatening note or an entire fort of soldiers.

The characters are  for all intents and purposes well drawn such as when someone is nervous or blushing. The style takes the red of Shirayuki’s hair and the light colors of everything around it just makes it pop. Also the outfits are simple yet complimentary to her hair color. I also confess that I liked a bird I saw within the series and sort of wished they used more animals versus just having horses show up every so often but I digress. All in all I very much like and Hatter Approve this anime. It’s thought provoking about what people are capable of and everything else. She could have just gone to the castle in Tanbarun but she decided to live for herself. Since it is currently ongoing I’m looking forward to where it goes myself. Good night my darlings this Hatter is out!

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