Rick and Morty (not anime)

Hello my darling gamers! While on Hulu the other day I happened upon something very odd… It was something that I at first didn’t think I would be fond of because I didn’t understand it…. I thought it was just dumb humor and some drunk guy in a lab coat. After a lot of the smartest dumb humor I have ever witnessed and tons of innuendo… I realized I really did like it. In a way (and Doctor Who and House fans please don’t get mad at me) it is sort of a mix of Doctor Who after a fusion with House after throwing in a case of PTSD.Brilliant but drunk, risk taker, often misunderstood , and under estimated… Now let’s get to it shall we?

A family of four lives in a normal neighborhood where the dad has trouble finding work, the mother is a horse surgeon, the teenage daughter is slinging around angst and sass as if it would soon go out of style, and the son is completely… unremarkable. The only thing that can be really said about him is how dumb the poor lad is unable to focus in class and end up in awkward situations. Such as young Morty being in constant peril. This makes Grandpa Rick is a horrible guy right? Incorrect. Though Rick is a jerk doesn’t change that most of the things happened due to the family asking things of him and not thinking of the possible repercussions that might come up.

The town is rather normal aside from its oddly named locations and people. Honestly I really don’t want to go into names…. Just too awkward. Either way whenever Rick is not home drinking or putzing around in the garage with his pet projects  of science he’s dragging his grandson throughout time and space. They deal with crazy worlds even from the comfort of their couch simply by letting Rick ‘fix’ the cable box. However theres no place they honestly won’t go.

To start off with I would like to say its not so much of development for this series as it is more just revealing the war scars of Rick as Morty travels with him while sometimes including the rest of the family. In all reality when you actually get to understand the show… you start oddly enough sympathizing with a drunk psychopath and contemplating the effects of PTSD in relation to fighting against the Galactic Federation/Council.

When talking about the art…. Its very simple and meant to not be something made in depth…. Which for all of the crazy stuff, spewing stuff, impaling stuff, etc… would probably take a long time to do and also might tip people way over the edge especially with the use of an entire phallic shaped species. This may look playful but this is not and I repeat NOT FOR CHILDREN. I am very fond of it and only approve it for those that are looking for the craziest dumbest smart thing on the planet….and maybe a few others. The only downside of this series is that they do not put out episodes regularly. Which absolutely drives me up the wall especially where everything left off…. WHICH IS CRAZY MAKING!!!!!!!!!!…ahem. Anyways Hatter Approved with the caveat ONLY FOR ADULTS! On a side note they have two app games for this series but I only tried the Pocket Morty’s game which plays like a disturbing extra lengthy version of Pokémon with the ability to utilize fusion and Mortys. With all that said my dears this Hatter is OUT!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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