Magi (anime/manga)

Hello my dears let me tell you a little story before the review… My husband and I were discussing the name of this anime since he had the notion I was saying it improperly. This notion of his was incorrect. Since he only knew the name he assumed it was about the Maji a role passed down through blood lines to protect the tombs of pharoahs. Although he was close in hemisphere (sort of) he as usual was incorrect. While both roles are important the role of a magi for all intensive purposes is to choose kings. I found this series intriguing due to the complexity unfolding in seemingly simple characters. Such as Aladdin a young boy with a grand interest in large bosoms!!! If she has a generous pair of breasts and a nicely curved backside a girl better run! (Do I have either of those? None of your bloody business) Even with his ‘inclination’ he’s still a pure hearted loving boy that hates to see people hurt…. Even if he was tempted to snuggle into a the breasts of a dragon’s wife! (She was human)

A young boy wanders about without a care in the world, no knowledge of anything around him or even that much about himself as if sprung from the head of Zeus fully grown and his name was Aladdin. A sweet boy with a few odd items on him with a straight forward personality. Making kings of cowards and honorable warriors from slaves. Truly the work of one of unrivaled purity and kindness however, my dears let’s not confuse that for weakness or even stupidity. Since he had an interesting insight he used to see into the hearts of others. Sometimes it was from the person’s behavior other times it was from the Ruhk. The Ruhk being a force in all things and also are used to control magic. Throughout the many lands traveled such as the country of Balban, to Syndria, and even revamped Mustaseem.

Character Development: In the series the characters that undergo the most changes have to be Morgianna and Alibaba. Alibaba was the prince of Balban next to be the next king until he fled the kingdom after an incident occurred. Morgianna was a slave from the time she was a very little girl and also from a tribe from what was known as the ‘Dark Continent’ and her particular tribe the Fonalis were known for producing the fastest and strongest warriors. She broke free from the bonds of slavery with some help from Alibaba and Aladdin. She even learned how to be herself which took her a lot of time even with multiple attempts made at making her a slave again. At the same time I’ll admit Aladdin the magi that makes everything happen also at the same time makes a few changes mostly in knowledge such as training under masters and hiding his magic to become a student of a magic academy. (My Harry Potter is going off…. until the slavery kicks in…. How? Well spoilers my dears).

The art I found was very elegant in certain places but whenever a djinn was involved (especially a female) everything seemed rather flashy…including the female Djinn’s breasts. The girls utilizing the powers of the Djinn transformed however luckily the outfits were a tad more modest. I think the biggest details were put into the magical transformations and accompanying abilities. Although I do commend the designs of the dungeons such as the multitude of doors leading into the homes of various creatures, giant honey loving bears, tempting fate in a dragon’s mouth, etc…

When I initially looked at this anime and manga I was initially a little iffy about it. I just thought it was rehashed Arabian nights and was not about to give it a second thought…but as things often go I did give it that second thought. I then found a world I somewhat likened to MAR Marchen Awakens Romance only instead of magical tools the items were referred to as ‘metal vessels’ and ‘household vessels’. It was interesting learning about the various djinn and their masters. The characters were gentle but they always held the urgency for their cause. This is one of the things I didn’t like about Romeo X Juliet…. The couple was too busy fawning over eachother they always hurt everyone supporting them. Although with Magi everyone understood where they stood and what their actions could cause which ended up being the drive for most of them. All in all I find this series lovable and would even show it to a child… Hm? What was that? The exposure of breasts you say? Honestly I’ll tell you if you’re going to be a butt hurt parent over something your child and highly likely you also suckled on for nutrition then you really need to get over yourself. Breasts are natural and this whole save the children from nudity thing is garbage.

I think of it this way whatever you don’t tell your kids about early in life someone else will. May as well have them well informed. Also another thing I was the fact this is set up in a world that is middle east inspired. I think its honestly pretty cool. Do I think that it might create some static? Possibly. Also do I really care? Not really, as far as I’m concerned I don’t use one person to set the standard of what I think of a race. If someone else does honestly feel sorry for them. With that my darlings that ends day 12 of the big 15!! Have a good one my dears and this Hatter is OUT!!!

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