My Love Story!! | Ore Monogarari!! (anime|manga)

Today we’re going to go over an anime that has caught my very heart recently and seems to be ongoing at this time. I’m talking about My Love Story!! This story reminded me a bit of my teen days all the way to even to certain moments with my husband, but enough of that prattle my dears let’s get going!

Two boys drastically different from eachother have been friends forever Mikoto Sunakawa “Suna” being a sleek pretty boy and Takeo Goda only a first year in highschool is often confused for a gorilla when in truth I myself would call him more of a golem. I know what you’re thinking “so you’re calling him big right why differentiate?’ Well allow me to bring that to light my dears a golem is an ancient creature best known for the use of protection and taking sheets of paper in their mouths to follow the directions written on that parchment. Takeo’s intentions while well-meant are always misconstrued due to his odd mannerisms and massive size until he rescued a girl on the train from a grouper. After turning to her savior with tears in her eyes Miss Rinko Yamato found true love.

After everything was said and done the couple was created with some skillful deception on Suna’s part. Throughout the series Takeo and Rinko discover everything about love for the first time from both sides dealing with insecurities, rivals, internal struggles, jinxes, and of course two all-important questions ‘why should so-and-so choose me?’ and ‘Will they choose me?’ (on both sides) . Of course while they learn just how their friends also affect their relationship or the lack thereof. However, what I like is that the story centers more on Takeo versus every other anime where the girl is the main focus.

Takeo is a very strong character not just physically but emotionally accepting the world and dealing with how others view him in stride. Although what he does struggle with is… reading women. While Yamato while lovely and talented with sweet treats….is a bit of a shy airhead. While she is obviously well versed in the ways of reading people, unless they are in love with her, but let’s be honest and take census of the friendzone shall we?…. {Counts for 5 minutes} Fuck that noise we know that’s too many. This story is diabetes level cute (and this is not anything against those with diabetes, moving on) with well-placed humor and also contrary to the minds of every other high school boy Takeo strives to respect Rinko by not touching here without expressed consent or in case of dire emergency.

All in all I found the art style endearing even with the stress on Takeo’s intimidating looks while purposefully or made by accident. Although the different styles of snacks made throughout were nice and always something I found interesting since I’m a fan of sweet things every so often. I also very much love the work of Gordon Ramsay (who does have a video game available for DS and computer and I have a review for the DS version). Through thick and thin Takeo and Rinko try their best come fire, friends, or even giant metal girders.

The anime even with its lack of super powers and all that is very relaxing and for me it’s a bit of a reminiscence down memory lane for me. Since I fell for guys that I thought had a temperament like Takeo. Guys that I thought were kind and honestly some were. Although honestly since I’m married to my husband versus from someone back home. It was just simply not meant to be because I needed more than to sit in my hometown doing nothing or ending up pregnant without seeing more of the world first. Meanwhile with my husband aside from being a knuckle head I’ll say his only flaw would have to be his insecurity but theres nothing for that save my constant support. Well I think I need to do some of that right now. This anime is Hatter approved for a light hearted comedy my dears and this Hatter is OUT!

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