Little Witch Academia (anime)

Hello my darlings today’s topic is Little Witch Academia. It’s two movies that could have been broken into a rather short series but I digress. Young girl Akko is hypnotized by the world of magic after watching a show put on by a witch known as Shiny Chariot. So she aspires to be just like her even when she finds out her heroine and role model is not fondly looked up on by the magical community. Even so Akko strives to learn witch craft with her friends….even if it doesn’t turn out so well. Now let’s talk about it my dears.

After being oh so inspired our young lady goes to Luna Nova Academy to learn magic but not everything is as easy as she thought. She finds the classes boring, makes things explode and since she’s not from a magical family does not have all the skills that her classmates possess. Although she does have some good company with her friends Lotte Yanson a wise yet shy witch that loves her books and Sucy Manbaran but don’t let her pink hair fool you she tinkers with brews specializing in poisons. With this trio there is never a dull moment at the academy. Which does not make an easy day for Diana Cavendish a blonde, knowledgeable with an ego to match her grade point average.

The first movie was based around an assignment of sending the witchlings into a dungeon to retrieve magical treasures. However, not even the instructors were prepared for what Diana’s team would unearth. The second movie relied upon punishment served up as extracurricular activities such as a parade where they students of Luna Nova Academy are not exactly welcomed warmly. Also with restrictions on the witches abilities yet another baddy is involved with turning the world upside down during the parade.

I’ll be honest the two movies (so short one could barely call them that) don’t really show any character development. They just show the trio fumbling about trying to find their feet and then spontaneously happening upon their solution such as Shiny Chariot’s wand.

The art was detailed for the background and I found the design for Sucy interesting however other than that. It was little more than ‘cute’ a style used to show off when the girls are being ditzy or messing up…. Like I don’t know a potions class going awry for some reason. So with all that said in all good conscience I can’t call this over grown couple of episodes Hatter Approved. They either over did two shows or half assed two movies. All in all there are much better and more in depth endeavors to watch that include magic. So with that my dears this Hatter is out!

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