Rin-ne (anime/manga)

Darlings today is day 9 of the big 15!! Today I’m hitting up another Rumiko Takahashi piece! Although this anime is not like her too well known works InuYasha and Ramna ½. This anime is only 25 episodes long!!! With that in mind the episodes are of course piled high with everything one would expect in a Takahashi production! Now let’s get to it.

Her name was Sakura Mamiya and she could see spirits after a near death experience at a very young age. She believed she would eventually lose the ability with age but gave up on that idea when she met Rinne Rokudo. He was poor young man that never made it to class until his job of being a Shinigami without all the perks… simply because he’s half Shinigami and half human (reminiscent of InuYasha I know) he must utilize more tools than other Shinigami leaving him with very little money to live on. The two join forces and are joined by Jumonji (a childhood friend of Sakura and exorcist) and Ageha the female Shinigami constantly putting poor Rin into awkward situations with Sakura. Rinne’s primary objective is more often than not standing against the Damashigami Company run by a horrible man who would found a company benefitting from killing people before their time.

Throughout the series Rinne takes the time to learn about building relationships and has a decent knowledge of women yet has an issue with getting his thoughts across. Meanwhile Sakura demonstrates her knowledge of relationships and also some very good detective work while reaching out to Rinne. Sakura is usually a little more aloof of Rinne’s intentions however I think we are all just happy she’s not constantly fawning over InuYasha …ahem I mean Rinne every other episode. Although as you expect from a Takahashi crazy family (Rinne’s grandmother and dad), someone head over heels for the girl (Jumonji), someone head over heels for the guy (Ageha), and lots of awkward situations! Makes me feel bad for Rokumon which is a black cat that works as Rinne’s assistant (only because he’s too broke to pay for Shinigami tools all the time). Rinne starts off with a lot of vulnerabilities which makes him rely on others a little more and also helps with being able to see eye to eye with the character. Although I’ll admit it does get a little bit ridiculous when he starts crying blood over losing money.

The art is still reminiscent of InuYasha however it does have a little more playfulness to it with the creatures being faced and the use of certain abilities. Aside from that still high quality work as expected meanwhile I’m wishing the series would have been longer.

Verdict being that this series is indeed Hatter approved for characters that are well rounded in reasoning and strength both physical and mental. Hell how else would Jumonji deal with all the aloof treatment bestowed upon him by Miss Mamiya? It’s an enjoyable series even though it is a short one but good for a marathon day or even a cuddling marathon day. While discovering different life lessons given during the show (aside from Shinigami products). It’s good natured and even suitable for those with children around. Well my darlings that’s all for now happy gaming and this Hatter is OUT!

Note: I just caught the first episode of season two of this series promising new characters and a lot of laughs!!! I can’t wait to see more. (Watching this on Hulu)

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