Steven Universe

My darlings today is day 6 of the big 15 and I’ll be going over Steven Universe! Usually I don’t care for the cartoons shown about lately (cartoon not anime). However I’ve gained a little bit of a smile back for it upon happening upon two series recently the first one of course Steven Universe. It’s silly but don’t let that fool you in the slightest now let’s get started my dears.

In a temple near the boardwalk live 3 (or four) female aliens from another planet and a young boy. Day in and day out the females save the world from creatures that derives their power from gems while using their own to fight them. Young Steven sitting on the sidelines until they finally allow him to come along. They go all over the world and even into a space ship to protect the not just his precious beach home but the entire Earth.

At the beginning the boy is very innocent but always sincere wearing his heart on his sleeve. During his travels and fights alongside his caretakers The Crystal Gems he learns to deal with the power given to him by his mother who also gave up her own life so that her son could live. For a kid show it had some very subtle references to some adult aspects such as Amethyst using her transformation ability to turn into Steven’s mother however,…. Luckily it either went over his head or the straight up simply dodged it. Connie was also a very interesting character a smart girl that loves to read but also Steven’s love interest. Although what I found rather intriguing was her innovation of using tennis moves to wield a sword or even training under Pearl to learn the ways of combat even proving her cause would be worth death.

The art is very clean with very bright colors typically but the detail on the aged statue serving as the temple was a design choice I found intriguing. The fusion forms were very innovative and as varied in personality as the gems themselves. One of my favorite fusions was Opal because she somewhat resembled the goddess Shiva losing her arrows. She was quite a lovely ‘giant woman’. If you need a break from serious anime but still want something to pique curiosity I highly suggest and hatter approve this series. Well with that said and done my darlings this Hatter is out!

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