Pinocchio Vampire Slayer (manga)

Hello my darlings and welcome to day five of the big 15! Today I take you down memory lane for a little while to the stories where a little puppet could become a real boy and live happily with his father. However what happened after the boy and his father escaped the whale? I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t expect to wander around a mall in another country and find something that would catch my eye so much that I would have to say ‘to hell with ordering on amazon I want to read this!’ (certain stores in other countries ramp up prices so hard its ridiculous… Would you like a new PS4? Well then you’re in luck you just paid off Joe Schmoe’s house!) Anyways to the topic at hand let’s get going!

After Pinocchio settled down with his father, Gepetto notices strange shadows and murders in the dark… He tried to warn the townspeople but it went as well as Belle telling Gaston that a beast kept his daughter captive… Not well. Not even his own son believed him which only made one day particularly painful. Gepetto was murdered while trying to protect his son by the creatures he tried to protect everyone from. After his father fell the creatures tried to come after Pinocchio until quite by accident he found out that the wood he was made of could kill them. How? Well after a couple of lies and killing vampires was not difficult to manage. The story utilizes a few select modifications to the original story and follows through with the addition of a few characters. The fox and cat that tried to scam Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy, and Jiminy all show up after being given slightly darker versions. Although I’ll admit I liked that they included the puppets from the Fire Eater’s show as main personalities.

Throughout the book (majorly thick manga) the characters are thoroughly explained and also deal with their own burdens to bear but still manage to maintain a positive outlook which is difficult not to do with a cast of performers traveling with you. Pinocchio goes through a lot of changes figuring out a lot about his and the other puppets pasts which inevitably reveal what their futures will be. The book itself even with the grim style still does more than just ‘manage a chuckle’. The story is well balanced between humor, suffering, etc… Honestly I stifled many a chuckle just from Jiminy talking with the harbingers of death or Pinocchio’s lies have odd outcomes “Your mother has a mustache!!….Why didn’t my nose grow?”

The art has a clean style yet still pulls off being dark very well. It’s a very versatile style which is pretty enough for a love scene but still holds enough detail to put an emphasis on suffering, injuries, death, etc… When all is said and done I very much enjoyed this manga and its alternate storyline of how Pinocchio came to be and the involvement of the Blue Fairy. Also love the way that the side characters are not watered down or downplayed. This book will keep one busy for a good while and is always a good read in my humble opinion and thusly I name it Hatter Approved! Now my dears after all that remember don’t take your support characters for granted and rock out my dears because this Hatter is OUT!!

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