Romeo X Juliet (anime/manga)

Day three of the big 15 and my birthday!! Today’s anime is Romeo X Juliet! It also has a manga adaptation I am honestly fonder of than the anime at this time… I love Shakespeare’s work however I am also a bigger fan of innovation. So seeing this was a mix of love and hate at the same time. Everyone speaks in the language favored by the original creator however the events changed drastically. Now let’s get going!

The location is Neo Verona (simply means New Verona) where people right on a breed of Pegasus known as dragon steeds and young girls are hunted for having red hair… Charged with possibly being the long lost daughter of the fallen house of Capulet. Standing for justice and the people is The Red Whirlwind brandishing his sword to protect the weak. Although his life means more to the people than even he knows living at a playhouse occasionally working as an extra in William’s plays. As Juliet hides herself for a fate unknown to her after the slaughter of her family by the house of Montague. Romeo on the other hand of gentle face and gentle heart. Forced into an engagement by his father although I’ll have to admit Romeo has the temperament of a shy school boy with a crush.

Juliet already aware of the situation of Neo Verona only strengthens her resolve upon learning the wrong done to her slaughtered family mother, father, brothers, etc… She was already fighting the nobility in her own way but the only thing she had to learn to deal with during her fight was the stirrings of love for the son of her enemy. On the very day she receives her birthright…. All this is a bit hard to swallow for a girl of only 16. Although in the midst of avenging her family everyone almost forgot to mention the tree tied to the Capulet family and the existence of Neo Verona itself save possibly the fortunes and fair health reaped from its use. The only thing is I expected more technology or at least more than a wisp of magic to be a factor with this ‘New Verona’. The grand tree was simply not enough for me. Although Juliet springing into action for the noble cause of saving the people of Neo Verona did make me smile. By the by though the manga was indeed thick the anime puts more focus on the side characters such as Hermione, Romeo’s betrothed and even Juliet’s top warrior Curio.

The artwork is clean and simple with a nice adaptation of using period esque clothing. The only thing that I think would work towards the innovation of the art style would be the creatures known as dragon steeds and possibly the architecture of Neo Verona. Of note the swap over to Irises was quite refreshing. All in all I do like that it might inspire younger viewers to seek out the original story. I’ll admit a habit for watching movies and reading the books the stories came from to find the differences. It is a gentle story even with the blood feud and shed. One I very much like however I can’t truly… Hatter approve it when it seems to lack a sense of urgency from the star-crossed lovers themselves. In heroes and heroines even with at stake the main characters take more thought with their actions because they know that they act not only for themselves but for everyone involved. I didn’t see that urgency with Romeo and Juliet in the anime which is runs like ‘hey love birds when you’re done fawning over each other and your own sorrow maybe you can actually I don’t know help us fight?”. The book I found a bit better and cuts the fluff. Well with all that said I’ll be onto another topic tomorrow my dears! This Hatter is out!

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