Kamisama Kiss/ Kamisama Hajimemashita (anime)

Hello my dears!! Today is day two of the big 15!! The anime is Kamisama Kiss or Kamisama Hajimemashita. When a young Nanami is left to fend for herself after her father abandons her due to his gambling debts. She is left with nowhere to go until a man acting very much like a cat perched among the branches of a tree while a dog barked at his heels. Upon receiving his savor he gave her a gift. Now let’s go over the anime I found once upon a Hulu wandering session shall we my dears?

Her name is Nanami and after playing heroine to the strange man in a tree is sent to a small shrine. The shrine is meant for a deity simply known as the “Land God” or if one wants to be more specific the earth god. She arrives at the shrine met by a handsome young fox named Tomoe that acted as familiar to the previous land god. In the coming days she learns her duties as land god and the abilities she must learn to control.

She’s just a girl in high school and living alone trying to figure out how the world works as Tomoe takes her under his wing albeit against his will… During this time the young lady meets all manner of supernatural beasts including tengu, snake familiars, The Dragon King, The Dragon King’s wife, and various other deities. (I had to mention the Dragon King’s wife because I love her input!!!) Throughout the series you end up in a number of places Tomoe’s past, modern Japan, the bottom of the ocean, the beach, etc… Although mostly everything takes place at the shrine.

Throughout the series Nanami deals with her emotions while dealing with her duties at the temple while trying to reach out and care for Tomoe. Tomoe however takes a while to warm up to Nanami and get over a sense of abandonment since until Nanami had arrived…Poor Tomoe had been waiting for his Master a long time. A kind heart and strengthening resolve gain her admirers including a snake and an idol. However I think the girl could have handled more strife. It’s a very light hearted production so I get why the creators did not want to dirty it with blood. However there is enough fighting to warrant it at least.

All in all I’m fond of this anime however, it feels a bit lacking maybe because I think more should be at stake than just an old building and the affections of a young girl. I love stories about love but the reverse harem in this set up needs a little more substance. Although I’ll admit lately I’ve been looking for a sense of urgency accompanied by a sense of duty… Which I’ll admit I didn’t see here. Simply because devotion to love and a sense of urgency with duty are both noble but nowhere near the same thing. However if you want a cute love story that will give you diabetes after a couple episodes I advise you give this series a shot.  My only regret is not really being able to talk up this anime up too much without spoiling it!! Well that’s all for now my dears this Hatter is OUT!!!!

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