Mii Plaza

Today’s review is the third of a three part series I’ve been working on covering Mii Plaza on the Nintendo 3DS.  The latest bundle offered brings two new titles to your ever growing collection of mini-games: Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler.  As a caveat, I haven’t beaten either of these games yet, but I’m diligently working on them.

Synopsis: As the name implies, Battleground Z is a zombie centered game where your goal is to find a cure for a zombie outbreak in your beloved city.  To do so, you navigate through multiple levels, each with it’s own objective.  The Mii’s you’ve Street Passed will offer you a weapon, which corresponds to their shirt color, if you talk to them.  Don’t worry if you have wii ones, the zombies are relatively cartoonish and one might even say, “cute” and you’re beating them back with terrifying weapons such as Wii-motes, luggage and pillows.

Finally, there’s Ultimate Angler, which is a fishing game in which those you Street Pass share their shirt color associated bait with you after losing yours after arriving at the fishing resort.  Each fishing spot offers a variety of species to catch with a signature fish to land.  To help narrow down the one you want, you combine baits into something that is known to attract that species.  On top of that, you can create your own personal rods and proudly display the ones that didn’t get away in your own custom tank!

The Good:  The winner in this matchup is hard to call.  Both are fun games and again, it comes down to the individual player.  If I had to make a call, I’d say Ultimate Angler because of the customization of the rods and tanks offered to show off your accomplishments.

The Bad:  I’m sorry, but don’t have anything negative to say about Battleground Z.  It’s a fun little game where you can mindlessly smack zombies around with various objects.  How can you not like that?!?

The WTF?!?:   I found out the hard way not to attempt changing fishing spots  in Ultimate Angler.  I lost all my bait for that round.  I was so mad that I quit playing for a few days.  I lost eight pieces of bait people!!!

Final Verdict: Overall, the entire lineup of games offers something for everyone. They’re cheap and I can’t emphasize enough the encouragement to get out and about with others they offer.  I used to be an member of Street Pass DC, a group of gamers who’d get together once a month just to hang out, game together and swap the latest puzzle pieces.  It was a great opportunity to collaborate, cooperate and show off our accomplishments.  So if this raises an eyebrow, I say go for it.  Mii Plaza has Atlas K’s seal of approval!  And with that, I’ll see you all at the Plaza Gates!

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