Mii Plaza Mii Force|Flower Town|Warrior’s Way| Monster Manor

Atlas K, back again with the second installation of my Mii Plaza series.  Today we’ll cover the four games released with the first major update to the game: Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior’s Way & Monster Manor!

Synopsis:  Mii Force is a side scrolling space shooter.  Again, the color of the shirt those you Street Pass decides the type of weapons upgrade you get when you team up with them during the levels.  The more people you pass the more powerful your ship becomes as you navigate the increasingly complicated levels and liberate the Mii-verse from the scheming space baddies.

Don’t let the name fool you.  Flower Town is an interesting game where the goal is to grow an assortment of flowers (80 in all).  To achieve this, you invite your Mii’s over to water your plants, and in the process, cross-pollinate with whichever plant they’re growing themselves.  Additional complexity comes from the multitude of colors in which they can bloom.  As you plant a seed, you can invite a Mii to plant a seed together.  Doing so causes the bloom to take on the color of their shirt.  On top of that, you can buy various locations and decorations to display your pride and joys for others to see.

Warrior’s Way is essentially Rock/Paper/Scissors utilizing your army as you attempt to seize control of the weirdest shaped island nation I’ve ever seen.  To increase your army’s size you Street Pass others.  The number of troops you get is dependent on the total Street Pass count of their system and if they’ve got the game too, you have the option of battling them for extra troops.


The last of this bundle is Monster Manor, a puzzle mystery game where each Mii you Street Pass gives you a room piece which you cobble together in a Tetris-style manner as you explore a haunted mansion.  As you expand the rooms, you come across other Miis, Monsters, stairs to climb to the next level, but most importantly, treasure chests with prizes!  The goal is to ascend to the top of the manor and defeat the evil spirits which have taken over the house.  As a bonus, the Miis you discover in the rooms will either offer to join your adventure or offer you a puzzle for a greater prize.

The Good:  I’m torn between Monster Manor and Warrior’s Way in this batch of games, but I’d have to say that Monster Manor wins out for sheer longevity and complexity.  The strategy used in placing your pieces to earn the higher level chests, combining weapons into more powerful ones and trying to figure out those blasted puzzles has had me playing for over a year.

The Bad:  Again, it’s all up to gamer preference, but I’ve never been a fan of side scrolling shooters.  I’m more of a strategy/puzzle player so those just suit me better.  Its kind of hard to find something negative to say when the games can be modular and offer a myriad of possibilities for whatever tickles your fancy.

The WTF?!?:  Is what you’ll be asking yourself as you beat Warrior’s Way.  (Still a great game though!)

Final Verdict: Again, this one is a mixed bag which should have something to grab a gamer’s attention and be worthwhile.  While you have to pay to them, the option to buy individually or as a bundle is another bonus.  Well, that wraps things up here, as with last time, I look forward to seeing you all at the Plaza Gates!

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