Mii Plaza Puzzle Swap| Find Mii

Hey everyone, Atlas is back again with my first game review.  I spent a lot of time thinking about which one I’d like to dive into first and then it came to me, Mii Plaza, my guilty pleasure 3DS past time.  After writing it, I realized just how expansive this review was so I broke it up into three sections, one for each major update.  All right, let’s get started!

Synopsis:  As discussed above, there are a total of eight games available that encourage you to do something revolutionary, get out and about and interact with others!  Using the internal sensors, your DS will reward you with Play Coins and (as long as your wifi is on) you can Street Pass others, inviting their Mii’s into your plaza.  The combination of these two things is what powers the games.

Puzzle Swap and Find Mii come with the initial load out of your system.  Puzzle Swap is exactly what it sounds like.  As you Street Pass others, you’re given the option of exchanging a puzzle piece.  By passing multiple people, you’re able to complete the portraits, some of which are 3D, animations or movie clips.  For two coins you can receive a random blue puzzle piece.  Pink puzzle pieces are awarded via internet connections typically at the release of a new game, triggering a new set of puzzles to complete.

Find Mii is a two part series where you find yourself the leader of a magical kingdom…  Only to be captured by evil forces shortly thereafter.  The goal here is to use the people you Street Pass to rescue you.  The color of shirt that each person wears decides the type of magic they’re capable of using.  Additionally, each time you Street Pass the same person, they level up, so it definitely pays to get together often to power through the game.  For 2 Play Coins you can add a random adventurer and for additional coins (depending on level) you can even hire old Mii’s to come back.

The Good:  Hands down, I’m a Puzzle Swap fiend.  I’ve easily collected over 1,400 pieces over the three generations of 3DS’s I’ve played on.  I’ve been known to attend various cons just for the concentrated grouping of DS’ers I can exploit and I secretly smirk when someone passes me and exclaims at the amount of pieces I’ve hoarded.

The Bad:  While not necessarily bad, I’m not a fan of the Find Mii games.  The first one is a great intro to the game, but gets old quick after the second and third run through.  Find Mii II made efforts to change this by giving you options though so it really comes down to each gamer’s preference.

The WTF?!?:  While specifically tied to the games themselves, if you really get into Mii Plaza, you will end up developing creative ways to ensure you get the max play coins you can.  Just Google it and you’ll see the ingenuity we dedicated Street Passers have come up with.

Final Verdict: Even if you don’t like them, they’re free and completely passive so how could they be that bad?  Let your inner OCD completionist go wild on street pass and help us dedicated Street Passers out!  And with that, I’ll see you at the Plaza Gates!

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