Zakuro (Anime)

Hello my darlings you’ve got Glamour and today I’m doing a rundown of Zakuro which is the story of a young half spirit fox girl and her friends who of course all happen to be half spirit foxes. These girls trained to utilize their spiritual powers are brought together by a mature fox spirit named Kushimatsu. Who raised and taught the girls everything they knew. However with the world changing it was decided the girl’s skills could be put to use in a positive manner. Now let’s get going and talk about the Ministry of Spirit Affairs!

In a time when Japan was undergoing drastic changes with the idea of westernization taking hold spirits lost their homes in some cases and in others (even those usually with even temperament) simply went berserk. When issues arrive with the spirit side of things Zakuro and her friends run in however… Japan undergoing westernization was not as tolerant as one would think so the ladies of spirit affairs were paired up with soldiers from the military. The women usually do most of the fighting since the military men act more as handlers since they usually prove unable to defend themselves against spirits. Although prior to helping anyone they must deal with issues within the Ministry first such as Second Lieutenant Kei Agemaki son to a wealthy family is like many others has a fear of spirits. Which makes things working with half spirit girls a little difficult especially paired with the head strong Zakuro. The rest of the teams are composed of Ganryu Hanakiri (the only outsider to be able to tell them apart at first meeting) with the twins Bonbori and Hotsuki and Susukihotaru with Riken Yoshinokazura. Each team formed has their own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. Such as the twins ability to use flower petals to track although the negative aspects of that are that it only works if one of them is singing and if it is destroyed the girl controlling the spell at the time suffers injury.

However not to say the girls are non-stop fighting all the time they have their day to day dilemmas while adjusting to their partners and dealing with racism on a daily basis simply for being spirits. With this the struggles are very easy to imagine from withering stares to even rude military officers… With that the males of the Ministry step up to support their female counterparts even one overcoming his own bias set in place. Meanwhile they also have more than just racism and crazy teenage hormones to deal with as the reason for the Ministry of Spirit affairs even came to be.

The art I found for this series was interesting since the fight scenes usually began with a song and ended with Zakuro cutting up the enemy with a blade born from a cherry blossom branch. Although seeing the branches sprout from the mouths of artifact spirits for the first time was funny…even if it was only because Kei reacted with sheer terror. All in all the boys increase their knowledge of the spirit world while Zakuro learns more and more about herself.

All in all I very much enjoyed this anime sure the boys were a bit useless throughout. Men getting captured, a lack luster villain with mommy issues, a military officer afraid of his own partner, spirit offspring unable to take human form if male. Sure they have a few redeeming moments for the males but let’s face it… In this anime the men are little more than eye candy that the girls fawn over. Even the quietest girl Susukihotaru turned into a complete badass with a demon sword in her hands which of course would make her want to kill but it would not change the abilities she already possessed. Though I like this anime I’m a little on the fence of giving it my seal of approval due to the inequality but it does hit a lot of things that are well addressed. However after some soul searching and remembering the scene at Agemaki’s home… I decided to Hatter Approve this anime. With that my darlings I bid thee goodnight because this Hatter is out!

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