Bravely Second FULL VERSION (3DS)

Hello hello hello everyone, Glamour here and today I’m happy to talk to you guys about Bravely Second. Bringing back some old characters and showing off some new ones!! I’ve been all over this game for the last couple of weeks and let’s just say I don’t regret one second of it! Now let’s get going!

If you played the demo you ended up in Al Khampis the land of learning able to rock out some very fast progression in skills and the like… but If you get the new full version sadly your level progress does not transfer over but you get a nifty little gift. You are also gifted a set of clothes for each playable character if you get a special code which I did, I would like to thank Amazon… Honestly the last couple of games I’ve gotten at Amazon give a little extra content and since I preordered they price matched and gave me some money back. Not a ton but some. Although enough about that. To the story!

After the world was saved the first time Agnes Oblige was made the pope… Hopefully by the time you start this you either don’t care about spoilers or have already beat the Bravely Default because the first part of it aside from let’s save Agnes is going over all the main events from the last game (they also reference the first game a lot throughout). Now without trying to spoil too much Bravely Default is still rampant with betrayal, bad guys you sort of have sympathy, and even of course brings back the baddies from last game and their own ideals/ideas of things that are right or what would best help the people involved. The choices are often to benefit the many versus the few but to make these choices even harder they make you choose your sides based on what asterisks you want to gain. With that the choices are often magic based or non-magic based the first choice is Red Mage versus Thief. However they did give us a bit of a break on the grind for jobs by reducing the max level to 10 but then gave us a bunch of different jobs. Some completely new, others simply revamped versions of previous jobs.

In this new game the leader is Yew Geneolgia the leader of the Crystalguard’s Three Cavaliers. Everything is fine until the pope is kidnapped and fate separates him from his two comrades. In what seemed like his final hour Edea swoops in and saves his scholarly behind, after that they encounter Magnolia who’s lunar ship crashed into Luxendarc, and finally one more champion from the last game with slightly longer hair. This game shows a lot more NPC backstory and you never want for a story in this game with constant mini quests. Which provides reason for one to wish to reread/replay over and over again. Although there are many reasons for that.

The graphics are still beautiful however they did choose to update and make the maps more complex with elevated spaces, areas with effects, towns where the residents only appear at night. Also they introduce creatures called ‘ Ba’al’ . Which makes for a great many puns especially when Magnolia refers to herself as a Ba’al Buster. They also add a lot of towns that did not exist in the first version or changed slightly in the second. Also when they bring in the all-important fourth character they utilize the camera system in the DS in crazy ways forcing you to actually want to get up and move around with your 3DS while the fight is going on.

The battle system has been revamped a bit you can still change the rate that you deal with monsters at but its +100%, +50%, 0%, -50%, and -100%. However good news for grinding is that linked battles are now available and all the goods you can usually get from your local Norende shop does not at this time seem to be available. So you actually may have to search for things throughout Luxendarc. Right now I’m looking for something to prevent Berserk. The shops also have various outfits for your characters to try out! So the new world order does a bit of give and take. Like with the new jobs they also introduce the item magnifying class so you can check enemies stats (and not have to keep on person perpetually on freelancer). The maps also have a lot more interaction making it so you can walk through water (not just poison puddles).

Learning Curve: Also you take on the world at a much slower pace because your first vessel…is a dingy…. However as you progress new places from throughout your travels eventually become available for fast travel via the pigs in each town. Also the new locations sometimes have various effects such as the grotto near Yunohana. Meanwhile you still have a location to rebuild. CONGRATS YOU’RE REBUILDING THE MOON! You also import street passers as per normal and also have your own ship to deal with pesky Ba’als and can upgrade! The benefits are a bit different since I do not as of yet see where you can get better weapons (max shop level is 10). Also in Al Khampis a strange owlman comes upto one of your characters giving them the supplies to make…Chomper dolls? I’ll admit it took me about a day and half… to get the tools maxed out. It’s meant as an idle game but the only thing is you have to keep your DS open for it to work. You’re also supposed to get money from it but honestly while the cg is flowing and the upgrade I have not seen where the cg become pg and ends up in my cash. Maybe I need to just do a before and after of the numbers but so far I’ve not seen a crazy change in my cash stash.

In terms of playtime and replayability this game has it pegged with making you choose between asterisks in situations and numerous side missions. One would be busy with this time for a good while. In fact I’m still trying to grind the hell out of my jobs. Right now I love this game however I did find a glitch and hopefully it’s rare but after a while adding on more people from the group now renamed for Bravely Second Code Exchange. I tried to add friends from my internet connection the game stops completely and closes out. Assuming this gets remedied I would wholeheartedly give this game a Hatter Approved! With that my dears this Hatter is out! Happy Gaming!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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