Project X Zone II (3DS)

Well hello my dears I know many of you have been excited for Project X Zone II as much as I have with the realness of the jiggling fan service, crazy explosive techniques and the character dynamics all clashing with characters from various games colliding! Now let’s get going!

Golden chains have been appearing in various worlds followed by creatures not native to the lands featured. Also dealing with a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces even faces that have gone through changes. Now let me explain for some of the characters only three weeks has passed while for others it was an entire three years which had been very fortuitous for at least one of the females shown. I’m glad to see KOS-MOS still in the line-up but I feel like I miss a certain Chinese Ghost Zombie female at this point. However it’s still interesting seeing the personalities of everyone involved although I feel in adding in one duo as a support unit the creators were pulling very short straws to attempt to add a diverse set of characters.

What duo? Well Phoenix Wright and Mia (Maya) Fey of course! When I first saw Phoenix Wright on the cover of the game… I’ll be honest I was confused and quite literally said aloud “What the hell is he doing in this game he can’t even fight!!?!?!” Call me whatever you want on that one saying ‘he ‘fights’ in the courtroom’ but let’s be honest a combat driven game should have characters fit for well combat. In this I felt Phoenix Wright had no business in this game sure Heihachi needed a lawyer and if they simply had him show up quick and leave fine I’m alright with that but having him as a support character… that needs his own support is honestly a joke and a poor one. Without the powers given to his psychic he would be useless. Another honesty point here is I don’t think the forces of darkness are afraid of a paper cut and a man shouting ‘OBJECTION’ at them hell Ulala is more useful than both of them put together! I’m not certain if I mentioned this in the review for the original Project X Zone but I was never really fond of Ulala or her …. Reporting.

Although I will admit she at least has a laser along with a few other things that show up in her revamped attack sequence. With that said the entire combat scene has been revamped with new pairings and new support units such as Captain Commando. Now this is not to say everyone has been re-paired because there are a few still with the same partners. Although seeing Kite working with a newer player from a newer version of “The World” utilizing the power of SKEITH!!! Well that took me by surprise like no other. The game also includes a lot of new characters I have not even heard of such as Captain Commando, a few foul mouthed Yakuza, a sweet transforming fox school teacher! (I know that one sounds like an odd hentai), and Virgil teamed up with DANTE. (I don’t know what emotion will be stronger the hate between the brothers or the love from all the fans!)

I can’t pretend there is a lot of meshing of character development here since everyone comes from games already predetermined however the interactions are still a treat however be wary of clicking after a battle too quickly because you might miss the party dialogue after a bout. I’ll admit that is still pretty funny. Lately my favorite conversations have to be when Fiora is attempting friendship and gushiness while KOS-MOS simply admits she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but somehow the fact that Fiora is happy is of a sort of positive result. It’s kind of like a friendship (if one can call it that) between a girl on her headphones blocking everything out and one of those girls constantly on a sugar high. Anyways moving on!

The graphics are similarly set as the previous game but with some map additions, new characters, and new attacks for them. So it is still of the grand quality seen from its predecessor. The battle system has changed slightly some mostly for the better but not in all ways. Since the game now gives you the option to switch out around your characters on the battlefield… almost. It’s a pain in the ass trying to figure out just how to put them back on the board so while trying to do that I lost the use of those people during the round… I figured after that I would leave them where they lie. Although not all the changes were bad in terms of turn sequence you only have to switch back and forth between your and your enemies’ turns since you can move your people in whatever order you wish while it’s your turn. However if you have afflicted members of your party you don’t wish to heal or move just end your turn from the menu as per usual. Item access is also a lot easier now with the giant tank you’ll be riding in since it contains a store! (take advantage of the sample pack DLC since its free).

So scavenging for items is a thing of the past and Urashima is always getting new stock! Also in this version you can also choose to upgrade the abilities of your fighters which I found very helpful. So I love that I’m all equipped and ready to bust heads in!! Aside from the moving around your fighters pre-battle the game is still easy to learn except you can’t brokenly beat up on already dead opponents for long in the new version as you did in its predecessor which allowed you to beat up your target when you were finished with your activity and those brought in as support are off the screen.

The game has great potential to keep you busy for a long time if its building up characters with maxxed out techniques or simply trying to get them the best dressed (equipped) while saving the worlds. This game is pretty fun even if it has Phoenix Wright in it… Although I don’t care for his games however, that’s not why I dislike him being in this game, I simply think he has no real place among fighters. It would be like putting Amaterasu in a cubicle, putting some headphones on her, and telling her ‘good luck in customer support for Amazon. She looks nice there and it would drum up a little static but it’s not her element and she shouldn’t be there. All that being said I have to still admit despite the use of that character this game is clearly Hatter approved!

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