Hozuki’s Coolheadedness (anime)

Alright my gamers and anime fanatics today I’m going over an anime that’s in my opinion way too short. It’s called Hozuki’s Coolheadedness . The anime is good for a laugh with very dynamic characters giving even Japanese Hell as positive outlook when it’s used in some ways as a reform clinic in some respects. Following around the Aide of King Enma the demon behind hell pulling the strings from the shadows while tending his goldfish plants. Now let’s get going!

Storyline/ Background/Environment: Hell is made out of 16 large hells and further divided into 272 smaller ones and every so often the story is dragged to Shangri-La. So mostly everything goes into Hozuki proving that his boss King Enma is a useless moron while skillfully finding positions for his underlings, tending his plants, punishing spirits, etc… However aside from the areas when they show the actual punishments everything is given an all too familiar feel.

Character Development: Most of the changes occur from the characters he’s hired in certain jobs after they have become accustomed to their new roles such as the first three animals hired by Hozuki to help out in Animal Cruelty Hell and Momotaro being hired as a peach picker and herbalist apprentice working under the perverted mythical beast Hakutaku. When they had just found out they were understaffed in those areas.

Art (animated media): The art is very simple but the thing that makes the series special is the amount of detail to the torture used crushing souls, cutting them, etc… Also a lot of detail was used to emphasize the evil of one rabbit from a seemingly harmless children’s story. Although a lot of the art just seems… ordinary especially when King Enma is sitting with Hozuki at lunch discussing Australia while Hozuki talks down to him. One could also say that the characters vary in size and type but honestly there is not anything particularly wowing about it.

The show was more about Hozuki dealing with things however unless you have something about watching people control others it is not really that great of an anime. The character design is interesting but there were not one big enemy to deal with or a goal aside from ‘this is hell and we’re just doing our jobs’. It felt like watching an instructional video with a story to explain how one would be a good Japanese Hell minion. This anime is not Hatter approved. Odd thing is I sort of like the antics but this is not an awe inspiring anime… So maybe I’ll find something better later. Hatter out.


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