Fire Emblem Birthright (3DS)

This game was hard to write a review to because I will admit I tried both Birthright and Conquest (did not try the third version yet) and found myself unable to continue Conquest because the instant I got back to Garon’s castle I felt like I had made a big mistake… (Not just for going for the biggest jerk in the game). So I saved the file and went right back to my Birthright file where I am happily married to Jakob with two children Dwyer and Kanna. So now let’s talk about Fire Emblem!

Storyline: While growing up in Nohr you found out that your father King Garon will finally let you out and of the dreary castle you’ve been locked away in nearly only all of your life. He tells you to kill some Hoshidan spies but you offer mercy instead so he sends you away to ‘redeem yourself’ Somehow you survive and find out that you’re really of Hoshidan Nobility! You don’t remember anything because you were still a baby when everything happened. Eventually after getting more facts you choose the family you grew up with or the family you were denied? I had to initially sleep on it and then found out the game has a handy feature where you can simply start from where the decision is made. Although needless to say I sided with Hoshido.

Character Development: You end up with different people to bond with depending on who you side with although there are a few that remain by your side no matter which side you choose. Although some are harder to get from the Nohr path. Such as the Hoshidan nobility. However, in both versions the bonding methods are the same gifts, calling people to visit you at your personal quarters, bonding with your spouse (if and/or when you get out) in your room, support messages, or just walking upto them around the castle prepared for you by Lilith.

Graphics: After playing Fire Emblem Awakening I don’t think the graphics have really changed at all but it’s a good format so I’m alright with that. The only real change would have to be implementing that you and your children can turn into DRAGONS!!!!!!!!! (with the right job)Watching Kanna turn into a dragon for the first time made me squeal like a teenage girl saying “Just like his Mama!!” Anyways let’s move on.

Battle System/Learning Curve: The game still goes turn by turn allowing you to move around your characters in whatever order you wish but the bonus of going with Hoshido is Azura’s skill of singing to a character and allowing them another action. Of course how much the bonds between characters affects their ability to work together, also dealing with the various jobs and how they are affected by scroll usage. You also have a grand castle to utilize to build facilities, recruit units, challenge the coliseum, obtain supplies, and also a bunch of streetpass and wifi enabled features. Visiting castles, rating them, thwarting invasions, launching invasions, naming your own, etc… You can even keep cards for castles you fancied. Keep on the lookout for Glamour at Shatter Castle because that will be me. After invasions things go back to normal including all the facilities destroyed. You can also feed Lilith your own little servant that is there especially to help you attempt to protect your castle! Also with having a large number of characters and using them for various types of battles you have the option to remove everyone’s equipment and optimize it so those you are using for battle are prepared. I myself have…switched over characters and then counted my graces when I saved just before the fight so I could have the opportunity to start again after making sure everyone is equipped. Also to fight in the coliseum your characters are auto equipped but if there is something you prefer that they use then you’ll have to do that yourself.

Playtime/Replayability: The story will keep you busy and enthralled for a good amount of time while you build up your castle, your relationships, and even your kids. Playing through just to see what antics go on between my husband Jakob (yes I have a thing about butlers) and the boys when they challenge him to ‘buttling’ competitions. The family moments that are conveniently kept in the record hall just make me smile quite a bit.

All in all Fire Emblem is a very enjoyable game although I’m not fond of how you’re treated right after getting back to Nohr if you choose to not go with the Hoshidan’s. So I’ll gladly keep up the good fight against King Garon. Maybe someday I’ll go back to my Nohr file but not now… Also for the starting off of these files usually people go hard core or die. You can change your revive (or lack thereof) rates any time in the game so take advantage of that. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to lose your characters early on in the game or even later. I’ll admit I’m not letting anyone die. I’m too fond of the main characters. Call me what you want for that but nothing is really fun about being a sitting duck. With that said this Hatter is out my darlings after that Hatter approved Review!

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